Security cameras can be a great help in protecting your home from burglars, but how and where you place them could make a tremendous difference in how well you are actually protected.  It is one thing to put them in the right place, but you also need to have them where they are not easily disabled by a burglar. It is also good to have a system that is monitored in some way, as opposed to just having a recording that can be looked at later.  If you are interested in monitored home security you may get a free quote from Protect America.

Burglars look for houses that will be easy targets. There’s no sense in trying to burglarize a well-protected house with great security, especially if people are in the house.

Where Burglars Strike

It isn’t too surprising that more than 80 percent of burglars enter the home through the ground floor. Again, burglars look for the easiest means. It may be obvious but according to FBI statistics, 34 percent of burglars enter houses through the front door.

The key is to have your home protected, and do what you can to keep it from looking like an easy target. If you are away on vacation, try to hide this fact by having lights come on at different times of the day in different rooms, for instance.

Here is a breakdown of where burglars enter homes.

  • 34% through the front door
  • 23% through a first-floor window
  • 22% through the back door
  • 9% through the garage
  • 8% through the basement or unlocked door

You should then, have at least one camera on your front door.  That’s pretty obvious, but it is obvious to would-be burglars as well. They will look for cameras in obvious places like this and find a way around them or will disable them. It is good to place the security camera on the second floor then or on the roof of a single floor home.  You can also get creative and place one in a not-so-obvious place like a tree or a light post near the front door.

You must cover the obvious places, but realize burglars know where those obvious places are. Because of that, you need to be creative with camera placement. Hide the cameras if at all possible, and put them out of reach, or in places that cover the same area but are not obvious.

The back door is almost as good as the front door, so put a camera there too. Any other doors should also have cameras placed on them.  Your front door camera would probably also cover any front windows, but consider cameras there as well. You need to also have cameras on any windows on the sides of the house that are not facing the street. If you have a fence and or a sizeable yard, also consider cameras there as well. The back or side gates should have cameras because they too can be used.  Basement stairs are also a good place for a camera.


Outfoxing The Fox

Your budget to some degree will determine how many cameras you should have monitoring your home. The doors are a minimum because that is where burglars are most likely to hit. Add more cameras as you can to areas that might be vulnerable.

Think Like a Criminal

Where would you try to break into your home? What areas look like they might be vulnerable? Those are places to have monitored. Also take care to camouflage the cameras as much as possible. While you are covering obvious areas, you need to not have cameras in obvious places where they can be easily disabled.