When you’re in the market for a home security company, you have various providers with whom you could do business. You want to make the best decision but need to weigh your options, With that in mind, here is a comparison of ADT and Protection One.


People looking for a quality home security setup are often on a budget and looking for the best deal. In the category of pricing, Protection One tends to shine more brightly than ADT. While ADT prices are still fair in the long run, Protection One’s fees for installation and activation of new service are lower. Their monthly fees are lower on all but the higher-end packages. That said, it costs $10 more per month with Protection One than with ADT for their video monitoring service.


Packages Available

Protection One is the winner when looking at which company offers the best packages and the amount of equipment included. One plus with Protection One is a piece of equipment known as an image capture motion sensor. The motion sensor offered by ADT does not include image capture.

Contract Specifics

The terms and conditions of contracts ADT and Protection One offer are essentially comparable to one another.


It is important that home security companies properly install their equipment in an efficient way.

  • Both ADT and Protection are about as good as each other when it comes to how simple and easy the installation process is.
  • As far as installation fees, Protection One tends to come out ahead, because their installation fees are typically lower.

Technology and Equipment Provided

When you are looking into protecting your home, you want to have the best equipment you can get in terms of quality and the latest technology that is available. The good news is that both Protection One and ADT get high marks in this category. It is difficult to say which company is better in this area. That’s great news, because it means consumers have more than one high-quality option.

Service Offered

A home security system is only as good as the service offered by the people who work for the company. You want prompt, attentive and high-quality service provided by competent professionals. Both Protection One and ADT provide service at no cost if you have any problems with the systems you receive from them. Both typically receive great ratings on the service provided, but of course service can vary from one location and service person to the next.

Warranty Specifics

Protection One does not offer a warranty for its offerings. Meanwhile, ADT offers a six-month return policy. This warranty just covers intallation.

Company Overall

It’s common for people to want to do business with a company that has a great reputation. In this area, Protection One comes out ahead overall. This is partly because ADT has a lot more complaints against them both online and offline, such as with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Is Protection One or ADT Better?

Both ADT and Protection One offer comparable services to one another, but overall, Protection One is the winner in a comparison with ADT when considering all of the above factors.

Overall, Protection One comes out ahead in a comparison with ADT when considering all of the above factors.

Keep in mind that it is important to have monitored home security rather than non-monitored security technology, which includes devices like standalone cameras. Whatever system you select, make sure you add monitored home security to your home security checklist.
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