If you’re thinking about installing home security, chances are you’ve heard of Monitronics and ADT. Both of these companies are in the home security industry. While they are veterans within the home security space, ADT has been around for much longer. Both companies, however, also have a large customer base in the United States. Sometimes it can be hard to choose between the two companies. If you have yet to make a decision, here is some information that will help you decide which of the two companies is best for your needs.

Who Offers Better Security Equipment?

Most people would agree that ADT offers superior security equipment. This is because ADT has a proprietary Pulse system. ADT also offers their own app that can control the smart thermostat, the system, energy savings, and more. However, Monitronics is not too far behind. Monitronics upgraded their panel for the home security system to a touchscreen. They also have a third party app called Alarm.com that can control the system.

Both companies will provide consumers with a standard setup of window and door sensors, one to two motion sensors, and a control panel that can connect to the user’s phone wirelessly. Consumers will need to pay $10 to $15 more per month for cameras or automation features. Consumers may also be able to pay a one-time fee to get the add-ons. 

Which Company Has Better Customer Support?

Another factor that you should consider when choosing between Monitronics and ADT is customer support. A company should have good customer support for sales, technician help, and emergency testing. That way, you can be confident that you will be covered in all situations.

ADT is widely considered to have better customer support because they have more monitoring stations in the United States than Monitronics. Also, ADT doesn’t outsource any of their call centers to employees in other countries. The backup options of Monitronics are far more limited and they have less call centers than ADT. For both companies, sales was the department that responded the fastest. However, ADT has the fastest alert response time. They are regularly able to send out an alert response in less than 35 seconds. Both companies are very large, so it is necessary to go through an automated system before they can get a real person on the other line.


Which Company Is the Best?

Most people consider ADT the superior company. Undoubtedly, brand reputation plays a huge part in the popularity of ADT. Not only does ADT treat their customers well, but they also are hip to the current trend of automation technology and smart homes. ADT is already working well for millions of customers in the United States. You will be able to get same or next day installation for the home security system no matter where you are. You will also get equipment fixes and will have no issue if you decide to move to another place. They will install a new home security system in your home for no fee and will act as an insurance company in the event a burglary takes place.

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