You’re probably thinking, “my keypad says it’s ADT though.”

And then the service technician tel;s you that while you pay ADT for monitoring every month, it isn’t actually an ADT unit.  The massive home security company is actually a service company, not a manufacturer.  Their equipment comes from authorized suppliers like Zion, that offer a wide range of cameras, sensors, and keypads. Furthermore, if you have an aging ADT contact, camera, or thermostat in your home, it is likely that it would not be replaced with the same brand unit.  Every time that you call for help, it’s going to take an expert to sort out this tangled mess.

Equipment used by ADT may be manufactured by:

  • Ademco
  • DSC
  • Honeywell
  • Interlogix

ADT installed the security system that they had in stock and purchased at the lowest price possible. Meanwhile, if you ever hope to troubleshoot your own system, you will need to determine who made your keypad, DVR, wireless camera and even window contact before working your way through the owner’s manual.  We’ve brought together the most popular makers of quality security systems that you are likely to find in your home.

Products from


    Many of your motion sensors are made by Ademco, which is also owned by Honeywell, but often appear with the Ademco badging on the units. Your control box may boast either the Honeywell or Ademco logo, but not actually represent which company provided the control card.  The metal control boxes are stockpiled in the warehouse and can be paired with any type of equipment that fits inside.

    If your home has a security system that was installed prior to 2000, it may even say Tyco–which is also part of the Honeywell family. However, the older the system gets, the more likely it has parts that don’t actually pair well with modern units as the differences between keypads, cameras, and sensors were more significant back then.


    Wireless cameras and glass break sensors are often supplied by DSC, which has an excellent reputation for providing reliable equipment. While DSC was part of the Tyco family, it never grew to take over as much of the market as the Honeywell and Ademco brands.  You are more likely to find DSC units on premium and extensive security systems, instead of the more popular $99 specials.

    On the wholesale market, you can find a complete line of cameras, recorders, and networking equipment with the DSC brand.


    Now that wireless technology is taking over the home security market, new keypads are appearing. One popular name found on many ADT systems is Interlogix producing the Lynx and Simon XT systems. Interlogix is part of the GE Security family and is often installed by competitors to ADT as well.

    What You Need to Know

    If you purchased your ADT system upfront, understanding that they installed an Interlogix panel with DSC cameras will be important if you ever decide to switch monitoring companies.  It is possible that your new company is fully able to support your existing equipment and save you big on new sensors.

    Some companies like Protect America work with families who have existing equipment in place or want to install their own system but still desire the peace of mind that comes with a remote monitoring service without all the added expenses.

    If you are interested in leaving ADT behind, take the time to determine just what kind of cameras you have in your home and give Protect America a call to see how much you can save on your monthly fees.