Maybe you have been thinking of installing your own home security system and burglar alarm because those $99 specials you see around town simply smack of inadequate protection and cheap installations. It is possible to create a system that offers increased coverage, includes high-def cameras, quality DVRs, and all the bells and whistles you desire while skipping the overpriced services of most national security companies–buy the system wholesale and install it yourself.

However, a word from the wise. Captain Jud Beedy from the Daphne Police reminds eager homeowners, “if you’re not willing to follow through and do it correctly, yeah people can and will take advantage of you.”

Design Your Own Home Security System

Those pre-packaged specials that boast a low installation fee and free equipment when you sign your life over for the next eternity all lack enough equipment to thoroughly protect your house. You know you want to secure:

  • Every window on the bottom floor
  • All the doors including the one leading to the deck
  • The safe in the bedroom
  • Monitor the nursery

You get to make the calls when you buy the equipment wholesale and get exactly the protection you need.

Buy the Brands You Want

If you have heard that the cameras provided by the big box security company are sub-par, you are free to get the ones that have the best reputation in the home protection world.  Remember, those guys are a monitoring company, not a technology company and install the keypads and recorders they get the lowest price on.  You can install a Honeywell, GE, or GSM because that’s what you want.

You can also mix and match equipment–purchasing cameras from Logitech or NetGear while opting for keypads and central control panels from Ademco. Determine if you want wireless flexibility or the reliability of hard-wiring every contact and camera. If you are tech savvy, look into an 8-channel DVR from Night Owl ready to record up to two weeks of daily traffic in and around your home.

Newer systems from Nest offer apps to monitor your home and set the alarm using your smartphone and will work even when you are traveling as long as you have access to the internet.

Are You Sacrificing Safety?

This is the big question. If you go wholesale, you are most likely not hiring a remote monitoring company that will call the police department for you when your front door alarm is triggered. It is possible to program your system to do so automatically, and even send you a notification on your smartphone so you can see just who it is that is entering your home. So, it could be just fine, but if you feel like installing a wholesale system leaves you without that extra sense of security–there is another option.

Remote Monitored DIY Options

There are home security companies like Protect America that bring together the best of both worlds. You sign up for monitoring services, just like all those $99 special places, but instead of sending an installation tech to your home where you get talked into a system that is much more expensive, they mail you top-quality equipment and you install it yourself.  You know what you are getting up front, and if you want additional equipment, just give them a call and order what you need, not what they want to sell you.

If you are interested in learning more about the convenience of do-it-yourself installation combined with the peace of mind a remote monitored service brings, visit the Protect America website today.