Today’s home security systems come in so many types and with so many features that there is something for every homeowner who wants to keep their property and family safe from intrusion. However, not all wholesale systems are equal, and some will certainly protect your home better than others. In the U.S., there are about 8 million property crimes each year, and more than 19% percent of them are burglaries. And in more than 27% of those burglaries, someone was in the home at the time it occurred. If you don’t want to risk property loss, injury or worse due to a break-in, a home security system can help.


The DIY, Unmonitored Solution

Unmonitored security systems are a trend that is gaining ground among those who are first-time security system buyers. With this type of system, there is no help in installing the system, and the system is completely unmonitored. It provides users with a loud alarm only, but there is no one behind it to ensure that help is on the way. While some people feel more protected with this option, it can be highly expensive and provide a false sense of security to those who have an emergency and have no one to respond to them. If someone were to come in with a weapon, the person at home would be unable to call for help and there would be no one to call the home or rush over with assistance.

Monitored Security Without Middlemen

To get a wholesale price on a security system, it’s important to buy it direct without the use of salesmen adding to the price. A wholesale system that you can set up on your own with phone assistance is a reliable way to secure your home without paying for the many layers of middlemen that plague many security companies. And when the system is monitored, it provides an extra layer of safety. As a matter of fact, homeowner insurance companies are so impressed with the way that monitored systems protect homes that they often offer a larger insurance discount when the system is monitored. 

Multifaceted Security Systems 

While there are wholesale options that use a handful of monitors that can be placed on doors and windows, that doesn’t represent a multifaceted approach to home security. With a central control panel, intrusion detectors and motion detectors, more of your home is protected and the system is easy to control from one location. Many homeowners also choose to integrate security cameras into their systems that allow them to monitor their homes no matter where they are.


By installing your system yourself, you get wholesale pricing without lower system quality.

Some of the items used in effective security systems include:

  • A central control panel for effective control over the system
  • Door sensors that sound in case of intrusion
  • Window sensors 
  • A yard sign and window stickers to warn away potential burglars
  • Security cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • An app to control the system and monitor the home

If you are interested in monitored home security, get your free quote from Protect America. It’s the best way to protect your belongings and the people you love.