2018 Update

Although nearly a year old, this article is still very relevant. It can be extremely frustrating when your ADT security system is beeping and you don’t know why. Scroll down to learn what the cause may be and how to fix the problem.

Nothing is more annoying than your ADT system constantly beeping. It can be frustrating to learn that there are various reasons as to why the system is warning you. Here are a few of the common reasons why an ADT system is even beeping in the first place.

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    The Battery is Dead or Dying

    The number one reason why your ADT alarm system may be beeping is because the batteries in the keypad are running low or are dead. When this occurs, your system, just like a smoke detector, will randomly beep to let you know that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. If your alarm system is beeping, the first thing you should do is check the battery. Every keypad is different, so if you don’t know where the battery is, consult your owner’s manual and learn where it is and what type of battery it takes. Then simply replace the battery and turn the unit back on. If the problem was the battery, the beeping should immediately stop.

    The Keypad is Not Communicating

    Another reason why your ADT system may be beeping is because the keypad is not communicating with the system. When this occurs, most keypads will flash the letters ‘FC’ across the screen. This stands for failed communication and means the keypad is not communicating with the system. In most cases, a simply reset will help to solve this problem. Follow these steps to reset your system:

    • Find the reset button.
    • Hold the reset button down for two to three seconds.
    • Release the reset button.
    • If the system is still beeping, press the “*” button, then “7” and “2” to hard reset the system.

    Both reset methods should reset your keypad and force it to communicate with the system. If your keypad still says “FC’ after resetting, you may be in need of a new keypad. Contact your security provider for more information on obtaining this.

    The System is Running a Test

    The last reason why your ADT system may be beeping is because the system is running a test. Occasionally, your security system provider will run a test to ensure they can actively monitor and communicate with your keypad and security system. When they are running this test, the system may beep, letting you know that this test is occuring. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do to stop the beeping until the test ends. Unfortunately, every now and then things can go wrong and the test may not go off as it should. If your system continues to beep and you cannot determine why, contact your security provider. They may need to reset something on their end to force close their test and stop the beeping that is occuring in your home.

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