Many people are hesitant to outfit their home with any sort of security or alarm system. This is often because they feel they’ve already taken adequate measures to protect their home. For example, people who’ve trained a dog to serve as a protective barrier for their home often feel as though they don’t need a security system. One of the most common objections to installing a security system is that the need for a system is entirely negated by their insurance. Though home insurance is a valuable asset in ensuring the safety and sustainability of your residence, it doesn’t undo the need for a home security system, nor does a security system interfere with your insurance. In fact there are many benefits to having both.


Ultimately, having a home security system could save you money on your home insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for individuals who have taken measures to increase the safety and security of their residence. These discounts typically work analogously to a safe-driver or safe-vehicle discount on car insurance.  Assuming that it meets the qualifications established by your insurance provider, then you’ll become eligible for a discount. While some people argue that the initial cost of installing such a system offsets any discount, Protect America’s line of affordable and quality products have no installation fee, making them the perfect match for your home.

Evidence in Liability Cases

One of the most common issues that people tend to raise regarding any form of insurance is accountability in the event of a claim. Obviously, the agency which issues your insurance wants to make sure that they aren’t paying any more than they have to, but the consumer needs to ensure that they’re receiving the full payout they’re entitled to for all covered claims. Often, in the event that damage is done to your home or other insured property, the insurance company will want to observe the damage to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was inflicted in a manner covered by your policy. If you’re home is outfitted with a security system including our Video Surveillance Cameras, then you’ll have a record of what caused the damage. In the event of any suspicious damages or claims, you’ll be able to dispel any disbelief and receive the compensation you’re entitled to.


When it comes to home insurance, you don’t want to have to use it, but you also don’t want to be caught without it. One thing home insurance can’t do that a home security system can, however, is alert you to the potential of burglary or other danger. Whether it’s through a motion sensor being tripped or footage on one of our surveillance cameras, our systems can give you an indication if someone is attempting to break into your home. Ideally, this would allow for prevention of the event and negate the need to file a claim.