X10 home Gadgets comprises of a collection of no-contract security products suitable for any home’s needs. These products include: home automation switches, wall receptacles, home security sensors, controllers, sensors, modules, and specialty devices. You can select from package deals based on whether your purpose is home automation or security.


What You Need To Know

  • Type of equipment – X10 deal with their own in-house brand of security and automation devices.
  • Services provided – Home automation, video surveillance, burglar alarm, fire and life safety.
  • Areas in Operation – U.S
  • Years in business – Since 1978
  • Install Type – Self-install
  • Signal Method – X10 equipment do not come with monitoring. The customer is free to setup monitoring with his/her choice of provider.

With a promising growth and development of up to $21 Billion in the home automation industry by 2020, home monitoring is slowly turning out to be a must have security system. For this reason, Protect America could not be more proud to serve you as a residential security company.

Having listed the wide variety of devices provided by X10, we choose to discuss the commonly used gadget, which is the camera system. Security cameras are easy to install, reliable, and user friendly, making them a preferred alternative for extra level of security in homes.

If you find yourself with a limited amount of funds to spare, you will find that a considerable number of X10 home security products are sold at pocket friendly prices

The X10 camera system are priced at a more subsidized rate compared to other cameras and systems. Precisely, you can have your security issues solved with only $300 for the entire video surveillance system that consists of 4 cameras.


The Pros and Cons of Using An X10 Camera System


X10 video cameras set inside the house work perfectly. The cameras come with a software that enables you to view images captured by the x10 camera from your PC or anywhere in the world, provided you are logged on to the internet. The four cameras also have a pan and tilt base to fit into, along with a wireless remote that you can use to tilt the x10 cameras in any direction, up and down or left to right.


Owing to the fact that all X10 are wireless, using them in an external environment brings about reduced picture quality during bas weather conditions. The images appear distorted and in severe cases, no images at all. If you are working on a limited budget and don’t mind non-viewable images in poor weather, then consider and X10 video surveillance system. Since all X10 camera systems come with a 4 channel video receiver that can be connected to your TV using RCA cables, there’s a slight possibility that your neighbour may also receive a video signal from any of your cameras.

X10 Home Security Products May Be Just What You Need

After determining how much security is right for you, you should do whatever you can to follow through with the safety and security of your home and family. It is the wish of many people to provide their homes and families with monitored protection. However, due to hard economic times, many are forced to compromise on their safety. And that is why gadgets from X10 bring a glimpse of hope due to their affordability.

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