In recent years one of the more popular options in home security has become a DIY system. The “Do It Yourself” home security definitely has its perks. By purchasing these types of systems, you are able to completely customize where the devices go without someone in your home. With the technological advancements the home security industry has experienced in recent years, a DIY system has become easier than ever. Most systems are as simple as sticking a piece of plastic to a door or window and plugging in the control panel. The days of professional installers seems to be fading away.

As customers begin noticing the money they can save by installing these simple devices themselves, these professionals begin to appear more like sales people, which isn’t completely inaccurate.

If you try to get a quote from ADT, they will insist you schedule a professional to look over the house and decide what you need. These professionals are usually just intended to complete the best sale possible when face to face with the potential customer.

While these DIY security systems clearly have benefits, there is a major flaw. Although you are usually able to receive feedback from your system to your smart phone, they are not professionally monitored. The most important reason to have a home security system is to be monitored by a company that is constantly prepared for something unfortunate to happen. If you are asleep while something occurs in your home, or away from your phone for any reason, having a non-monitored security system will offer no benefit. Due to this major concern, DIY home security company Nest, has partnered with Moni to provide customers with the option to monitor their Nest devices. While this is a good solution to both problems with home security, they were not the first to think of it. Protect America offers a professionally monitored home security system that customers install themselves. This eliminates the annoying installation cost and uncomfortable home visits from sales installation professionals. So now that Nest has begun offering a monitored system, which is better?


Nest offers their Secure Starter Package with the Moni monitoring option. This package includes 1 control panel, 2 door/window sensors, and 2 Nest Tags which work as key fobs for alarm deactivation. With the starter package you are able to add devices with no addition monthly monitoring cost but additional cost per device. Sensors cost $59 each and Nest Tags cost $25 each. A Nest outdoor cam is $99.

Protect America offers three different packages ranging from Copper, Silver, and Platinum. Each package increases in price and equipment. The most comparable Protect America package to Nest is the Copper package. This comes equipped with a control panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, a yard sign, and 4 door/window stickers. If you want more sensors you can upgrade to the Silver or Platinum package and pay more monthly rather than a large one-time fee. If you want a camera, the first one is free.

Equipment Winner: Protect America
Although both companies offer similar devices such as a control panel and sensors, Protect America offers more sensors. Not only door/window sensors, Protect America offers a motion sensor, yard sign, stickers, and a camera. The Nest package is very minimal in comparison.


Nest has teamed up with Moni to allow their customers to purchase professional monitoring while still using their Nest equipment. Not every Nest Secure review is going to be unbiased, but at least the numbers themselves add up.  Customers have three cost options; $34.99 for month-to-month monitoring, $29.99/month for a 1 year agreement, or $24.99/month for a 3 year agreement. The 3 year agreement is the best value as it saves customers up to $360 when compared to the month-to-month cost. You are also required to purchase the Nest Secure Starter Package for $499. Over three years this security system would cost a total of $1,398.64.

Protect America offers customers an outstanding 3 year rate of $19.99 a month for the Copper Package. This offer beats the Omni deal by $180 over the 3 year contract lifespan. A major difference however is that the Protect America deal is for a landline system that would not support a security camera. If you wanted to add a camera you would need to upgrade your package to broadband or cellular for $41.99 a month. Although this cost more than the Nest/Moni package, it allows you to use cellular security which is usually the most secure rather than just broadband.

Cost Winner: Protect America
Although Protect America’s cellular package cost more than the Nest/Moni broadband package, it offers the most secure option and includes a camera rather than charging $99. Not to mention, customers can choose the $19.99 landline option which is cheapest in the industry.

Overall Winner: Protect America
While it’s an improvement for Nest to offer professional monitoring through Moni, their prices and equipment just don’t stack up to the deals Protect America offers.