Swann is a security company that provides self-monitored surveillance equipment, including state of the art cameras, wireless alarms and home automation systems. Swann’s Wireless Home Alarm System features DIY installation, a smart hub, motion sensors, security cameras, a home siren and remote access.


Swann Security: What Equipment Do You Get?

The equipment you get in your Swann home alarm system will depend on the package you choose, which in turn depends on the size and needs of your home. Swann provides cameras, motion detectors, sensors for doors and windows, a home siren, a control panel and key fobs for remote access.

However, you should note that Swann’s systems don’t come with:

  • Glass break sensors
  • Professional monitoring
  • Smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide detectors

DIY Installation

Swann offers wireless cameras and alarms you can install on your own. Wireless systems don’t require any wiring or drilling, and they’re safer than wired systems because there are no wires for intruders to cut. However, encrypted, password-protected Wi-Fi is a must, because there’s always a small risk of being hacked. Swann security systems come with how-to guides to assist you with the installation process. They also provide online video instruction and 24/7 phone support.

Setting up your Cameras

The number of home security cameras in your Swann security system depends on the package you choose. You want to have a camera at every vulnerable location in your home, including doors and windows on the ground floor. Swann’s cameras have night vision, so you don’t need to worry about lighting.

Connect the cable to your cameras and DVR before you mount the cameras. Using the Ethernet cable that comes with your kit, connect the DVR to your Internet modem or router. Then, connect the DVR to a monitor. To save hard drive space, you can set your system to record video footage only when motion is detected.

Accessing and Controlling Your Swann Security System Remotely

Swann systems let you find out what’s going on in your home no matter where you are. All you need to do is:

  • Download the SwannView Plus app from the app store on any mobile device
  • Launch the app
  • Enter the Devices menu
  • Use your device to scan the QR code found on your DVR

12-Month Warranty

If you decide to invest in a Swann home security system, it’s important to know that you’ll only get a 12-month warranty. Some products offer a 6-month warranty extension so that you’re covered for 18 months. However, if your goal is to invest in your long-term safety, 12 to 18 months of warranty coverage isn’t very significant. Some home security companies offer lifetime warranties on their systems, including Protect America.


No Professional Monitoring

While Swann offers impressive technology for “DIY” home monitoring, it won’t keep your home as safe as a professionally monitored home. Swann security systems require you to be vigilant at all times. You have to notice every alert sent to your mobile device, which may not be possible if you’re in a meeting, away from your phone or if you’re fast asleep. As Alarm.com put it:

“This isn’t your job. If there’s an emergency at home, your job is to focus on one thing: keeping you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. “

Security companies like Protect America that provide 24/7 professional monitoring take the onus off you by monitoring your home by picking up on alerts and responding to safety and environmental threats.

24/7 Home Monitoring with Protect America

Protect America keeps watch over the safety of your home and promptly addresses any emergency. With locked-in rates that can’t be beat, plus up to $1,400 worth of free security equipment, you can’t get a better deal. If you think professionally monitored home security is right for your home, get your free quote from Protect America today.