2GIG was founded by two engineers in a garage which is where it gets its name; 2GIG, which is an acronym for “two guys in a garage”. Since then, they have grown to one of the premier security brands in the industry. They were since bought out by a company called Nortek, which also owns another company called Linear. Linear is a large manufacturer of Z-Wave products like light dimmers and even some Z-Wave lightbulbs. Because 2GIG is under the same umbrella, it makes their products a lot more powerful.

Go!Control Control Panel

2GIG Go Control uses its own proprietary protocols to communicate with its devices, but it does have support for some Honeywell devices. You can also add a module that will make it compatible with some GE smart home modules. The system can handle up to 48 wireless zones.

It also has a very easy to understand user interface and include a wide variety of powerful features. Some of these features include:

  • Two way intercom
  • Weather alerts that will warn you if a tornado or other severe weather is expected in your area
  • Wireless keychains for arming and disarming
  • Compatibility with wireless touchscreen panels
  • Ability to integrate with Z-Wave smart home devices

You have the choice of connecting to either a landline or a cellular network for security monitoring. For cellular connectivity you can connect by the AT&T network or the Verizon network. Go!Control control panel also has the ability to connect to multiple security monitoring services. The actual cellular communications pass through a 3rd party provider just like any other security company, but with 2GIG Go Control you have a few options. You can connect with alarm.com, Telguard, and Uplink as your third party security provider.

Where Do I Get 2GIG?

2GIG doesn’t actually sell any of their products directly to customers. To get their products, you will have to go through select retailers or go through a security company that uses 2GIG for their system. Some of the bigger security companies that use 2GIG are:

Accessories for 2GIG

As far as security goes, you’re going to find everything you need with 2GIG. The only drawback of using their products is the somewhat higher price tag. It’s hard to get an exact price on all of their modules because they sell everything through their retailers, but to give you some idea here’s a short list of approximate costs:

  • The Go!Control Panel will cost around $285
  • Super Switch Wireless Takeover Module are about $90
  • GoControl Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera are around $180
  • 2GIG Dome Security Cameras are about $130
  • 2GIG indoor HD cameras usually cost about $145
  • Image Sensors are about $175
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector usually cost about &90
  • Door and window sensors are about $40 each
  • Glass Break Detectors cost about $90
  • Disaster freeze and heat detectors are just over $100
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are about $140
  • Z-Wave Programmable Thermostats are about $145

So for your average home, installing a fully operational security system won’t be cheap. In fact, it will probably cost you a little over $1000 if you get all the features you generally will want.

Is 2GIG worth it?

Based on the price and how well the technology works, I would say that 2GIG is not worth it. For a much lower price you can get all of the same features, but with newer technology and a way lower price tag. Not to mention that you paid all of this money for the equipment and you’re still going to have to go out and get your own monitoring service.


You could always go through a security company that uses 2GIG and see what kind of deals they are having, but it’s probably a better idea to go through a company like Protect America that has no upfront costs on most of their equipment and a low cost professional monitoring service that won’t ever go up. Protect America also uses the same Z-Wave wireless protocols and has a more modern technology. You can check out our latest deals and join the no upfront cost club by getting a free quote today!