The constant evolution of technology has homeowners always on the lookout for the latest, great product or accessory. Naturally, homeowners are interested in progression made in the field of home security. After all, what could be more important than making sure a house is properly secured against threats and break-ins? While home security camera systems have been around for decades, they’ve never been as effective as they are now. Today, we are going to be shifting our gears toward a discussion on 4K security camera systems. These systems have gotten a ton of attention in recent years, so we feel like it is the perfect topic to start discussing.


A Complete Overview Of 4K Security Camera Systems

When we use the term 4K what we are referencing is the resolution of the video that is being captured by the security system in question. 4K is the highest resolution currently available for regular use within the field of home security, and for good reason. As our readers will soon find out, 4K resolution has a host of great benefits and a few costly negatives involved in its regular usage. Let’s get right into the topic.

According to SecurityInfoWatch, 4K security camera systems are considered one of the biggest new trends in the world of camera technology. With such huge advancements in the technological world, it’s easy to see why.

Video resolution is relatively easy to understand, so we aren’t going to waste too much time waxing philosophical over the differences between 4K video quality and the more typical 1080p video quality that most people are used to. Instead, we are going to jump right into the pros and cons of 4K video quality as a surveillance tool.


  • Maximum Detail – Having the highest resolution possible means that homeowners are going to have the clearest video with the crispest detail. Having clear video is particularly important when it comes to trying to identify criminals breaking into a home.
  • Ideal Coverage – This is something that we’ll repeat many times today but we’ll say it again, 4K video quality means that cameras are taking in more information on screen. This, in turn, means that cameras are getting more coverage out of their new resolution.
  • Maxed Out – Finally, customers won’t have to worry about upgrading their system down the line. 4K is the upper limit of video resolution for home security systems.


  • Storage Requirements – The most obvious con to working with 4K video technology is the fact that storage is going to be at a premium. 4K resolution requires a ton of hard drive space or storage, which could be problematic for longer recording.
  • Price Of Entry – While 4K video cameras are getting more affordable, they are still a sight more expensive than their 1080p and 720p counterparts. 4K systems can be incredibly expensive to purchase
  • Network Issues – Finally, 4K is a lot of data to stream wirelessly. Homeowners will need to have a high-speed network in order to take advantage of it.

4K Security Camera Systems – Our Verdict

It’s pretty easy to see that 4K security camera systems are the security systems of the future. They offer unrivaled detail in a beautiful package. While the price point is high and there are tangible issues with the setup, we approve of 4K security camera systems.


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