There is little that is of more importance than the safety of one’s home and family. There is little anyone would not do to keep them safe and whole. That is why it is so essential to have a home security system that works well and does what it promises to do … keeping homes, families, and property safe.


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Deciding among the plethora of Home Security Systems on the market today can be a daunting task. If Night Owl Security Systems are on the list of maybes, read this review: Night Owl Security Camera Reviews or read on to find out more about the Night Owl Security System.

Who is Night Owl Security Systems?

Night Owl Security Systems is located in Naples, Florida. The business was incorporated on December 19, 2003 in Delaware.

However, they did not open themselves up to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) until June of 2012. In the six years since, they have earned an overall C+ rating, which is extremely concerning.

  • Seventy-eight percent of their customer review rating is negative
  • Fifty-three customers filed complaints with only 18 resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, this company has an Amazon rating that is in line with that of the BBB. The majority of reviews – 55 percent to be exact – were negative with 15 percent being neutral and only 30 percent positive. Among those positive reviews, it is interesting to note that at least half of those reviews were repeated praise that was literally copied and pasted from the Night Owl website.

The five major pitfalls these reviews show include:

#1 Poor Customer Service

Customers report nightmarish stories of attempting to receive help from Night Owl’s Customer Services Department. Among those complaints, the most common were:

  • Long hold times
  • Lack of satisfactory resolution
  • Rude argumentative customer service reps
  • Offers to call back are never followed through on
  • Unable to understand the rep
  • Rep unable to understand English
  • Misleads customers by claiming this department is US-based when the reps clearly do not speak English as a first language

#2 Poor Technical Support

Should Night Owl’s equipment present issues the customer is instructed to call their Technical Support line. Customers who have had to suffer through a tech support call reported that:

  • Reps are unprofessional, insulting, and rude
  • Reps are uneducated on the system and therefore, are unable to provide definitive advice on how to address the problem
  • On hold for hours with no actual resolution
  • It was difficult to reach a tech support rep as the calls often went unanswered
  • Calls are not returned

#3 Equipment Failings

That poor technical support is a major issue for Night Owl since a third common complaint amongst customers is that the equipment does not work. The complaints in this area include:

  • Motion sensors alert to shadows
  • Equipment touted as “weatherproof” however it is not even waterproof
  • Poor construction that falls apart easily
  • Cameras not working at all

#4 Failure of App to Perform

One of the modern features that all customers love is the ability to control their home security system remotely and keep an eye on their home via the smartphone application. However, even this presents issues for Night Owl customers as there are several complaints about being unable to connect remotely and the App not performing as promised or at all.


#5 NO Monitoring

Probably the biggest pitfall for Night Owl Security Systems is that they are a self-monitored system. That means the customer is responsible for monitoring their own system. Professional 24/7 monitoring of one’s security system is essential for making sure customers get the help they need even if they are not aware they need it. With monitored service, homeowners know that even if they are away and out of reach, their home security company will keep them protected.

Bottom Line

Due to the massive complaints on the BBB file for Night Owl, their page states right at the top,

“BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints alleging inferior product quality. Customers have stated that they experience issues with the product not working after purchase and found that customer service has not addressed the support tickets put in for product issues.”

Further, they report that at the time of this article (August 2018) Night Owl has still has provided no response or explanation.

Luckily, there is another choice on the market, Protect America. With friendly helpful customer service reps who are knowledgeable about home security, Protect America received nearly four out of five stars in its BBB composite score. They have proven to be reliable and stalwart regarding the security of homes, property, and family.

There are many reasons why Protect America is considered a smart choice. Among them are:

  • No Installation Fees – not now not ever!
  • Dependable 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Easy to operate affordable home security for as little as $30 per month
  • Free equipment with a value of as much as $1,400
  • Locked-in Rate: A unique element in the home security industry
  • Price match guarantee: If there is a better deal for your needs, Protect America will match it!
  • Consumers Digest Best Buy winner nine times!

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