The most common point of entry for burglars is the front door, making it even more important to have a security system and cameras installed regardless of how easy it is for you to keep an eye on all access areas of your home.

In 2016, property crimes cost individuals throughout the US more than $15.6 billion dollars, causing the demand for home security monitoring services to rise.

Finding a security company that is sure to deliver in customer service and the monitoring provided can quickly become overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the home alarm industry. A-Com Protection offers a wide range of services that range from traditional plans to add-ons. When you are choosing a company that is right for you and your family, compare pricing, features, and potential long-term commitment requirements before making a final decision.


A-Com Protection Security Services

A-Com Protection provides a myriad of security monitoring services while also offering features such as:

  • Alerts: Your home security system will send you an email or text whenever your alarm system has been triggered. Additionally, the system will immediately alert local emergency responders.
  • 24-Hour Backup: Each alarm system is fully-equipped with a 24-hour backup battery to keep you protected at all times
  • Security Messages: Private messages or notifications are sent directly to the homeowner using a mobile phone
  • Tamper Resistant Equipment: A-Com Provides tamper-resistant equipment to keep your alarm from being disabled

Required Contract

All new customers who choose A-Com Protection are required to sign a four-year contractual agreement binding them to the company. When you are bound to a security company, you are unable to switch to another company throughout the entire duration of the contract you signed.

Short Testing Trial

When utilizing the test trial available from A-Com Protection security services, individuals are only given a 3-day trial period to put the equipment they are interested in to the test. Without more time it may seem impossible to test all of the security equipment you are interested in and how well it works with the current setup of your home or the property you want to protect. 


Cancellation Fees

If you are thinking of switching from A-Com Protection due to prices or the service you are receiving, cancellation fees are also included in the written contractual agreement. Cancellation fees may include paying the remainder of what you owe for the length of your contract to paying a cancellation fee each month until your agreement is up. 

While A-Com Protection offers various security equipment and protection, it is important to compare all aspects of the services they provide before settling on a home alarm company you can truly trust. If you are seeking a trustworthy and reliable security company that is also affordable and eliminates installation fees, contact us at Visit to gain insight into the plans and security equipment we have to offer while also receiving a free quote that is tailored just for you!