More than 95% of homes in the US require some form of forceful entry in order to breach security.

Installing a home security system you can trust can help to deter potential burglars by up to 300%. Choosing a home alarm system provider is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make, especially if you are looking for a long-term partnership with your home monitoring provider. A-Com Protection is a large home security company that services millions of customers nationwide. Before selecting a home security service with A-Com Protection, it is imperative to review your options and to truly understand the terms and conditions of each service you are interested in before signing a contract. 


Wireless-Based Services and Features

A-Com Protection offers a variety of wireless-based services and features with their home security packages such as:

  • Wireless 2G main control panels are supplied for all customers which is directly connected to A-Com Protection’s central monitoring station
  • 24/7 Monitoring at all times
  • Fire, carbon monoxide, and flood sensors are also available for an additional monthly fee based on the package you have selected
  • Window and door sensors are provided to immediately report potential breaches
  • Motion detection is also available with the use of photos or 30-second clips that can be viewed using your control panel whenever motion is detected

No Upfront Costs

With A-Com Protection, there are no initial upfront costs required to get started, even for first-time customers. Without upfront costs, it is often much easier for individuals who are on a set budget to move forward with the decision to install a new home security system. 

Long-Term Contractual Agreement

For all new customers, a 4-year initial contract is required. With a 4-year contractual agreement in place, it is not possible to change providers or cancel your service altogether throughout the duration of the document itself.

Shortened Trial Length

If you are unsure of A-Com Protection, a 3-day trial is available to test the equipment they have available. Unfortunately, three days is not much time to completely test and try features with all of the equipment selected.


Cancellation Fees

Although cancellation fees are much lower with A-Com Protection than with other providers, they are still in place once you have signed a contractual agreement with the company. If you choose to cancel your service from A-Com Protection while you still have an active contract in place, you are then held responsible to pay the remaining months or years (or a cancellation fee) without having any service yourself.

The more informed you are regarding home security, the easier it becomes to make wise investment decisions for your home and your family. If you want a reliable and trustworthy home monitoring service that you can trust for years to come, consider Protect America. To receive more information on the services we offer and the equipment we have available, visit today to get your free quote complete customized to fit your lifestyle and home security needs.