The goal of home security is to protect one’s Abode—and this company literally put it in their name. 

Abode is a DIY home security offering that was created by a former ADT employee. Investors include former CEO of ADT and the founder of Hotmail.

Abode launched into the sphere of security products via a successful kick starter campaign that pre-sold  over $140,000 of product. 

If you visit our blog often, then you’ve realized there’s a number of DIY home security options on the market. What exactly separates Abode from the market?


The Specs

Similar to most other offerings, the Abode base package comes with a hub that needs to plugged in to a modem using an Ethernet cord. It’s called the Gateway Hub and it’s accompanied by two door or window contact sensors, a key fob, a motion sensor camera, and an optional streaming camera. The motion sensor camera is built with infrared technology so it’s calibrated to ignore pets and kids under 60 pounds.

The hub has a backup battery and a 3G cellular backup. This ensures that the product keeps doing its job in the event of a power fail or other technical issue.

Like most home security options on the market, Abode is automated and works via an iPhone app, but you still have to be the one to alert the police.

One of the biggest draws to Abode’s product is that they do offer a UL-professional monitoring option. This option can be opted in or out for small time frames if you’re off on a vacation, or only need it for short periods. You can choose an installment of three days, seven days, or a month.  They also won’t have access to your streaming cameras unless you grant them access.

The system is fully encrypted, but does operate via cloud services.

The Gateway hub also works with RF, Zigbee and Z-Wave devices, and the Abode can integrate with Nest and Amazon Echo.

It has a 93dB speaker, and a visual identification tool to know if an alarm is false or real. Simply verify to monitoring team or call police yourself if need be. The system can arm or disarm based on a smartphone’s location.


The Takeaway

The big selling point of Abode is that there is no contract, no monthly fee (unless you opt in for monitoring), and most of the reviews online are generally positive, aside from some reports of slow cameras. 

The motion camera is said to last four to six years, and the door and window sensors last around 10 years.

Compared to other products on the market Abode may be one of the better ones, but they do fall short by not offering other essential home security products, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. What you save in long-term costs you’ll also be paying in a large overhead fee, since the product does cost $359, amount of money from the start, plus the price of any additional items you’d like to add. 

Abode is a newer product, so it hasn’t built a longstanding reputation in the home security market.