One of the most important things that a homeowner can do is make an effort to protect their property. While home security systems are by no means incredibly common, they are still becoming more and more popular by the day. Today, we are going to shift our attention toward a specific line of home security system: Abode Security SystemsThere are countless home security companies all vying for the attention of modern customers, so we’re going to take some time in order to highlight the best offerings that one of the top DIY home security companies has to offer.


Abode Security System – A Complete Overview

Nobody likes to think about something bad happening but ultimately this is the only way to truly consider how to prevent the bad situation from ever happening. We’re going to be focusing our sights on the impact that an Abode Home Security System can have on a home. First, let’s take a close look at what Abode Home Security Systems actually have to offer for customers.

While it isn’t fun to consider, more than 5,800 homes are broken into on a daily basis in the United States. This eye-popping number equates to a home break-in once every fifteen seconds.

In order to be as accurate as possible, we need to start with what Abode is trying to do in the home security market. Abode security systems have been rolling out on the internet for the past several years now after a successful Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign. Abode systems sought to create an all-in-one DIY home security system that relied on self-monitoring instead of professional monitoring. Abode has a range of different perks and benefits and we’ll go ahead and highlight a few of them now.

  • Smart Home Security – As a self-monitoring system, the Abode Home Security packages operate as part of a connected ‘smart home’. These devices are wireless and connect with one another via the network of choice inside of the home: Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee and so on.
  • Through The Hub – In order to have a functional Abode system, homeowners need to have their own Abode Gateway or Abode Iota device. This is the hub/controller for the entire system and is used to encrypt and distribute information to the rest of the system.
  • Quality Equipment – Finally, Abode is proud to offer quality equipment inside of all of their packages to potential customers. From Door & Window sensors to glass breaking vibration sensors, there is something for everyone in these packages. Finally, and most obviously, Abode also has motion cameras and streaming cameras.

Abode is a nuanced, all-in-one home security system that is sleek and intuitive.

The Top Abode Security System Options

For customers interested in getting an Abode system set up in their home, there is only one way to go: Abode Essentials Starter Kit. This starter kit comes with basically everything that is needed in order to get up and running. Best of all, it is compatible with both Google Home & Alexa for a complete connection to the rest of the smart home network that is installed in the house.


Protect America Protects Your Home With DIY Home Security

At Protect America, the goal is simple: put solid home security solutions into the hands of the people who need them. Protect America has been serving up wireless security systems for years and their work in the field has only gotten more impressive. Since 1992, Protect America has been  the all-in-one provider of top-quality home security solutions.

Nowadays, Protect America is proud to offer their customers top-quality wireless security systems for a low monthly rate starting at just $30 per month! Protect America has free installations and their service technicians can put together a free, personalized quote right over the phone. Call Protect America today in order to find the home security solution that you need.