Are you considering purchasing the Abode home security system? It is a good starter system, and user friendly. It also has a few different options you can use to customize it to your particular needs. If you are thinking about using Abode for your home security, here are the important details you need to know about the company, the product, and the options available to you.


What is Abode?

Abode is a well-known personal home security system that is easy to install and monitor on your own. It is also known for its sleek good looks, which makes it a beautiful decorative addition to any home. It comes in a simple to install starter kit that includes the following:

  • A gateway
  • A mini-door/window sensor
  • A remote key fob
  • A motion sensor

You can connect it to many different things in your home, like your lights, your locks, and even garage door openers, thermostats, and other electric or electronic household items. The system allows you to automate and remotely control these things with ease and simplicity.

With Abode, you can keep yourself apprised of what is going on at your house, even when you are not there. It will let you know if your kids came home from school when they were supposed to, if the handyman left (or arrived), and even what your pets are doing while you are away. You even have the ability to set up notifications on a custom basis, such as for getting alerts when your doors open or close, when motion is detected, alarms sent to your computer or phone, and more. There are plenty of options available to you with Abode, and you can configure them all in a completely customized way to suit you and what you want out of your home security.

What are Your Options with Abode?

Abode has a free option. This allows you to purchase the kit, customize it, and monitor things at your house on your own. It is free in that there are no monthly fees associate with its use, and no contracts.

There is a mid-grade option that costs $10 a month, plus the price of the starter kit. With this option, you get everything in the free package, plus phone and email support, 14 days of media storage (as opposed to the three days you get with the free plan), a 3G connection to use as a backup to keep your security online if your own broadband goes down, and optional monitored security (so you don’t have to do it) at a rate of three days for $8 or seven days for $15.

There is also a third option with Abode, which costs $30, plus the price of the starter kit. With this option, you get everything in the mid-grade plan, plus ninety days of media storage, premium customer phone support, and round the clock professional monitoring with Abode’s UL-listed monitoring center, so you don’t have to do the monitoring yourself.

Abode is easy to set up. According to Abode, all you do is buy the kit, then:

“Simply plug the gateway in and flip the battery backup switch.  Your gateway will communicate to the abode cloud and is now ready for setup. Download and install our free iOS or Android apps, or use our web app to begin the setup process.  Use your activation key (in the starter kit) to begin. We made abode super simple to install with our guided setup screens to help you get your security system running in any apartment or home.”

Is Abode Really Your Best Choice in Home Security?

While Abode is a good starter security kit, it may not be the best home security method for you. If you use either the free or mid-grade options, you will be spending a lot of time monitoring the app on your phone or computer, when you need to be doing other things, like working or driving or spending time with your kids. There is also a chance you may not be able to install or configure it on your own, even with the detailed instructions that come with the kit, especially if you are not technologically inclined. It may seem simple, but Abode really is a lot of work to use.


A better solution for many people is a company like Protect America. Protect America is different because it is a round the clock professionally monitored home security company, and you get that round the clock monitoring from the beginning. There is no purchasing of a premium package to use this valuable benefit. Another great benefit is that professionals will come install the equipment for you for free, as Protect America never charges installation fees. Plus, they have a reliable price match guarantee, so if you ever find a better price on a service like theirs, they will match it.

You get a locked-in rate from a reputable company that is a nine time Consumer Digest Best Buy winner. Sure, you’ll sign a service contract, but with this kind of service, it is definitely worth it. You get what you pay for, and with Protect America, you are getting high quality, proven superior home security and monitoring.

Are you interested in a professionally monitored home security company, which is totally hands-free to you? Contact Protect America today to receive a free quote.