Acadiana Security Plus is a home security company serving the families of Lafayette, Louisiana. Acadiana has been in Louisiana since 1997. Since they’ve been in business for almost 20 years, you might be thinking that Acadiana has cracked the code for giving Americans home security at a fair price. However, you’d be wrong.


Extremely High Upfront Costs

The first thing you’re going to notice about getting home security from Acadiana is their extremely high upfront costs. Going with Acadiana will cost you $400 upfront. $400 is entirely too much for a home security system. Many families would have to save for 2-3 months to afford such a home security system.

In contrast, at Protect America, you’ll always pay nothing in upfront costs. This means that your equipment is free. At Protect America, we noticed that families were forgoing home security since they couldn’t afford high upfront costs. To help with this, we promise that you’ll pay $0 in equipment fees.

Long Contracts

The next thing you’re going to notice about Acadiana Security Plus’s offerings is their long contract length. In the home security industry, a 36 month contract is standard. However, Acadiana is content with locking you into a 40 month contract. Why the extra third of a year?

In comparison, at Protect America, we’re always trying to earn our customers’ business. This means that at the end of your 3 year contract, we’ll have to constantly earn your business month-to-month.


You Deserve Better

If you’re looking for the best home security, Acadiana Security Plus obviously isn’t it. Acadiana is content with overcharging you upfront and keeping you in a contract longer than is standard.

If you’re looking for something different, consider calling Protect America for a complimentary security consultation.

Protect America is special in the home security industry. In addition to our $0 equipment cost promise, we also offer a lowest price guarantee and a lifetime replacement plan on our equipment. The lowest price guarantee means that if Acadiana decides to charge lower monthly rates, we’ll match them. Protect America’s lifetime replacement plan means that as long as you’re a member of the Protect America family, we’ll replace any of your equipment at no cost to you.

Those are the best promises in the alarm industry. If you’re interested or are just looking for a point in the right direction, feel free to call our main line for a consultation from a security expert.