There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to shop out your new security system since it is the key to safeguarding your greatest asset – your home. And because there’s a burglary that happens every 15 seconds in the United States, you need to make every feature of your security system count. With this in mind, let’s take an honest look at Acadiana Security Plus and the scope of the price ranges for their services in today’s price comparison.


Who is Acadiana?

Acadiana Security Plus is a local security system and fire safety company who serves the Acadiana area in Louisiana, including Lake Charles and Lafayette. They do not manufacture their own line of security products, but they will repair most brands of previously installed systems. They are also a licensed distributor in First Alert Professional and Honeywell security products for residential and commercial security options.

Acadiana Security Plus: The Pros

Like most security system distributors, Acadiana brings a selection of interesting features onto the table. They are particularly strong in:

  • Good working network of local fire, police, and emergency dispatchers
  • Security options for home and business
  • Repair service for almost all security brands
  • 24-hour monitoring

Acadiana Security Plus: The Cons

These features, of course, are convenient to have on hand for the homeowner. After all, it’s logical to have an expert in your corner, right? There is one glaring problem with Acadiana Security Plus, however – if you don’t reside in the Acadiana area in Louisiana, you’re out of luck. No sales, no service, nada. Zip.

If you are indeed lucky enough to be in the range of Acadiana’s services, you may have to deal with a significant charge of at least $100 up front, and sometimes as high as $400! Ouch.

Much of this charge comes from the bells and whistles that Acadiana offers in their security products, including alarm sensors for pets and fancy surveillance equipment that may be fine for commercial properties, but is simply too much to deal with for the homeowner. They even offer a Bose entertainment sound system installation service that is nowhere near related to home security. And canceling the contract? Good luck with that one. In short, it’s a convoluted, complicated process.

The Bottom Line

While these add-ons from Acadiana Security Plus may seem nice to have on the surface, they quickly become a burden that’s both complicated and pricey. Why pay more for a system that becomes a cumbersome white elephant when you can buy a simple security plan at a much lower price? Protect America offers an easy and effective security plan for as little as $19.99 per month. No upfront costs, no hidden fees…that’s it. Just simple security that you can rely on when you need it the most. For more information about Protect America’s security plan pricing contact us today! Our trained expert staff is ready to take your call or email whenever you are.