Ackerman Home Security has been in business for about 47 years and offers service to people all over the nation. Ackerman has a customizable approach to security, and even sends a sales representative to your home to evaluate the specifications of each dwelling.


High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Ackerman invites potential clients to get specific information from a salesperson by having someone come to your home. Some consumers feel this specific sales tactic is high-pressured and overwhelming. Having to make a decision right then and there can make some people feel uneasy or rushed in their decision making.


What to Expect

Researching which home security system is right for you can be a time consuming task. Pursuing a company’s website can give you vital information about what to expect with pricing and the basic cost of monthly monitoring prior to making a decision. Ackerman, however, does not provide any details on their website regarding installation fees or system specifications. Even after buying their product and reviving your ackerman security login information. This lack of concrete information on pricing might give you a poor impression of the company’s reliability and transparency.

Regarding pricing, this customer had a lot to say about the hidden costs involved in getting an Ackerman home security system:

Had a security system installed at the end of July by Ackerman.  Initial cost to me was almost $900.  Ended up getting the new Honeywell Lynx 5100 system (they charged $500 for the main system which online sells for $299.  The commercials for them tout their low monitoring fee (starting at $18.99 a month) this is if you still want to live in the stone-age (of alarms). Don’t have a phone line close by or a home phone service? That is ok you need to buy an additional GSM Cellular Communicator for $280+ then you need to pay an additional $6 per month. Want to control your alarm from your wireless device? Boom, another $8 per month for their Total Connect Package.

Hidden Costs

Ackerman appears to have competitive and affordable pricing with their advertised fee of $18.99 a month for monitoring. However, their installation and equipment costs can set you back quite a bit in terms of expenses. With Protect America, base packages start at $19.99 a month. For just a dollar more, you can have the comfort of knowing exactly how much you will need to pay for your security system to be up and running. Additionally, Protect America offers free equipment and DIY installation with a lifetime warranty. You can obtain all of this information and pricing at a glance on our website. Consider Protect America for an affordable and honest experience.

A quick search on Yelp or Yahoo shows that Ackerman is seriously falling behind in the customer service and sales department. The complaints range from misinterpretation of overall cost, confusion regarding cancellation policies and improper installation. Overall, the majority of complaints are about poor experiences with individual sales representatives.


Real Reviews

A recent reviewer wrote:

Prepare to be swindled!  We were going to use this company for our church security system – was told a certain figure and promised to be worked with. When the final offer came, the total was DOUBLE expected price and offered as an all-or-nothing, take it or leave it deal with no modifications allowed. We are now fighting to get our security deposit back – great company if you like getting lied to. Just lost a big customer.

Another unsatisfied customer of Ackerman wrote this review:

I wouldn’t dare disrespect myself and renew my contract with this company! Dear reader: You came here to read up on Ackerman reviews for a reason. If you do not heed the warnings of the horrible customer service or concern of this company, then you deserve what you get. I wish I would have read the reviews here and the complaints from the BBB prior to choosing this company.

According to the US Department of Justice, 66% of all burglaries happen during the day when most people are at work. With this alarming notion, consider choosing a home security company that you can trust. Protect America gives you all the information you need to know up-front and takes pride in simple, customizable, and affordable security systems to fit your needs exactly.