In 2016, there were more than 7.9 million property crimes reported in the US alone with 1.2 million violent crimes. Increasing the level of security your home has is a way to gain peace of mind while protecting your family, personal belongings, and property at all times. When you are searching for a new home security company to protect your home, weighing your options and comparing companies near you is highly recommended. Ackerman Home Security has been around for decades, but currently only serves Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta, Georgia. While the security company is currently only available in three states, they have a long-standing professional reputation that makes them a memorable provider in the home security and monitoring industry.

Homes without an alarm system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.

Custom Home Security Packages

One of the features Ackerman Home Security offers to new customers is the option of building a completely customized home security system and setup, regardless of the size of your home and your current budget. Pricing begins at an affordable $19.95 a month for basic monitoring without additional equipment and features such as home automation. Ackerman has an array of home security products and equipment available to choose from when building your customized home security system including:

  • Traditional security cameras and CCTV setups
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Touchscreens

Additionally, Ackerman Home Security also offers a free consultation available to all new prospective customers, allowing you to learn more about the type of home security and monitoring services the company has to offer.

Home Automation Features

Home automation features are also available from Ackerman home security, allowing you to access and monitor your home’s alarm system from anywhere by accessing an online or mobile application (using a smartphone, tablet, or computer). Home automation provides you with the ability to monitor live feeds from your security camera while keeping track of any video or audio media recorded, saved, and stored both inside and outside of your home. Control your home’s appliances, thermostats, and even various locks and other sensors you have installed when you choose to integrate home automation features into your home security system and setup.

Internet Monitoring Services

Internet monitoring is available with Ackerman’s home security packages, allowing you to utilize the security services they have to offer with the use of a broadband internet connection. Some home security companies require clients to have a landline service installed and activated in order to qualify to receive security and monitoring services. With internet monitoring services, avoid additional expenses of a landline and instead, use your broadband internet connection to ensure your monitoring service is working properly. Ackerman also offers fire, burglary, and medical emergency monitoring and alert services to keep you and your entire household protected at all times.

Limited Availability

Unfortunately, Ackerman Home Security is limited to servicing Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C., making it impossible for anyone outside of these areas to obtain service.

Lack of Transparency

One of the downfalls of Ackerman Home Security is its apparent lack of transparency when conducting everyday business with customers. Customers often complain of not receiving straightforward information, quotes, or responses when speaking to professional Ackerman Home Security representatives regarding their quotes, billing information, or even increases in fees they are paying for each month. Without a clear understanding of what upfront costs you may be responsible for and automatic contract renewals that occur seemingly out of nowhere, you may begin to feel hesitant placing your trust in Ackerman Home Security for your security needs.

Many past customers of Ackerman Home Security also state that contracts are automatically renewed, locking them into service for an extended period of time even if they no longer want or require the home security and monitoring services that Ackerman offers. Always be sure to thoroughly research each individual home security company you are interested in for your home before making a decision you feel comfortable with and confident in.

Are you looking for a hassle-free, reliable, and affordable home security company you can trust? Contact Protect America to learn more about our security equipment and to create a security package that is just right for you without fees and long-term commitments today.