Spending even a cursory amount of time online will introduce most people to a wide variety of different home security options. Believe it or not, there are many great home security choices available — even when digging through all of the poor options. The home security industry is growing rapidly and now is a great time to get involved in order to buy a system. Today, we are going to be highlighting one of the more commercially successful security brands in the industry: Ademco Security Systems. We’ll be giving a brief overview of what they have to offer before going in depth on a few great system options for 2019.


An Intro To Ademco Security Systems

While Ademco Security is one of the bigger commercial brands in the home security world, they aren’t as hands-on as many other giants of the industry. Ademco Security is based out of Singapore and their focus is largely on providing monitoring services and hardware for customers to install and maintain in their own homes. With more than 8,000 offices throughout Asia, and more in America, they are one of the single-largest security companies in the world. Pretty good pedigree, right?

According to criminal statistics for the United States of America, one in every thirty six homes were victimized by a burglary in 2017. These eye-popping numbers showcase just how commonplace home break-ins actually are.

Now that we know a little bit about Ademco Security Systems and what the company has to offer, let’s lean into learning about the various systems they have on offer. In the next section of our discussion, we’ll be discussing five of the top Ademco Security Options for homeowners in 2019. Let’s get to it!

Five Great Ademco Security Options For 2019

We’re going to break our Ademco options up into five individual points. These won’t all be comparable systems, but they are all popular Ademco products that we see being effective in 2019.

IS335 Wired PIR Motion Detector – When simplicity is key, you get what you pay for. These affordable motion detecting sensors are easy to use and easier to install. Effective for homes of all sizes, we anticipate that smaller homes are going to take advantage of these!

Honeywell Ademco L3000PK Lynx Plus Starter Kit – Don’t leave your home security up to chance, get something that will cover all of the bases. This Ademco kit comes with everything that a homeowner could need in order to secure their property.

Honeywell L3000LB LYNX Plus Wireless Self-Contained Security Control –  We are pushing closer and closer to a wireless world, and that’s a good thing. This wireless security control unit allows customers the chance to control their security system from a central hub.

Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Home Automation Security Alarm Kit – Built for WiFi and ZWave connectivity, this smart alarm kit is ideal for smaller homes. This is one of the best security options from Ademco on our list.

Honeywell Ademco IPCAM-WI2 – Simplicity is key and so we stand behind these excellent little security cameras.


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