ADS Security was established in 1990 and currently serves over 70,000 businesses, industrial facilities and residences throughout the southeastern United States. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, ADS Security (ADS) is ranked the 23rd largest electronic security firm in the nation. ADS provides a full range of burglar and fire alarms, as well as video surveillance, access control and automation systems. While ADS is experienced in the industry, there are a number of other reasons that make ADS a less viable option for your safety than that of competitors.


ADS charges a much higher monthly monitoring fee than most companies. They only offer cellular monitoring, costing you around $43 every month for the duration of your contract – and the contract is where they really get you. You are required to sign a 60-month contract for services provided by ADS. A five-year contract is 24 months longer than most security contracts. That’s two extra years! In the security industry, it is common to see 36-month contracts for monitoring. However, five years is an unnecessarily long time to pay a company for services that aren’t even rated on most top ten lists for security companies. A 60-month contract at a minimum of $43 a month comes out to a little less than $3000 in expenses, and that doesn’t even cover the estimated $250 in up-front costs, battery replacements, and additional equipment fees.

Equipment is Flawed

They use Honeywell panels and other security equipment, which isn’t as versatile or compatible as other manufacturer’s panels like the Simon XT. Each year, over 2-million families are victims of burglary or home invasions. For this reason, it is important that your home security equipment is reliable. Although ADS Security has a decent BBB rating, there have been complaints from customers in regard to the product or service.

Moving will be a Nightmare

This customer was disappointed when he realized that moving would be a nightmare with Honeywell manufactured panels. He said:

The Honeywell Lynx, to my understanding thus far, is useless when a homeowner moves since a new system will be required to reprogram. I have called at least three monitoring companies who told me without the original codes, the system will need to be replaced.

Additionally, this customer wrote:

Now that I want to move the only options are that I can pay off the rest of my contract, or I can find someone else to pay it for me. Find a company that isn’t looking to trap it’s customers! Go elsewhere!

ADS is only offered in limited areas and with a 5-year contract. Moving is a hassle enough. Make it easy on yourself and choose Protect America. Protect America serves all 50 states and also gives you a free relocation kit for when you need to move, so you can take your security with you.

ADS Limits your Choices…

With landline monitoring not an option, cellular and wireless monitoring are your only choices with ADS. While cellular monitoring is generally safer than landline monitoring, having options is always preferred when choosing your home security company. If you decide to opt for landline monitoring Protect America offers it for $19.99 a month. Additionally, equipment and installation is free upon monitoring purchase through Protect America.

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And Your Location

ADS only offers security systems to consumers in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia

Protect America  specializes in connecting you with the most effective equipment on the market while also providing a lifetime warranty. Protect America offers the Simon XT along with a plethora of other devices to better secure your home. Your family’s safety is important, and at Protect America, we are ready to help.