Home security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your family’s well-being is dependent on the type of security features you have in place. Don’t rely on a sales representative to give you the whole truth about their security systems. This is why reading reviews for companies like ADS Security is imperative. Only through recent 2018 reviews will you find out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Why Reviewers Like ADS Security

The main draw of ADS Security is that they have a wide range of services to choose from. Products include video cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, and window and door sensors. Another option is they allow water feature automation through their application. Their monitoring facility has also been certified via the CSAA.


Poor Customer Support

When you choose a security company, you need a provider who will be on top of any problems that arise with your equipment. Unfortunately, reviewers complain that ADS Security has very limited regional support with only a few offices located throughout the Southeast. They also charge for service calls and may force you to pay to replace faulty equipment.

Lengthy Contracts

Paying for equipment can prove problematic because chances are the equipment will fail at some point over the course of the lengthy contract. Despite most home security providers asking for a standard 36 months agreement, ADS Security requires a 60-month contract. For five long years, you could be stuck with outdated equipment. Want to break the contract? Good luck, you’re required to pay 75 percent of the remaining cost of the contract.


Despite having a very long contract, don’t expect low monthly rates from ADS Security. In fact, their packages are some of the most expensive on the market, according to recent reviews. Although they have a large number of services, expanding your service options will quickly add up. And although you usually don’t pay any costs for most of the equipment, you will have to pony up for a hefty installation fee. You’ll also need to pay for any extra equipment needed and battery replacements. Even for the lowest package, you’re looking at over $3000 in monthly fees over a five-year period. And as one reviewer put it:


“ADS has a lot to offer, but it doesn’t come cheaply. Their installation fee runs from $199 to $249, and while that price gets you around $300 of free equipment, the monthly fee of $42.95 for the basic service (as much as double that of some competitors) will eat away at that pretty quickly.”

Reasons Not to Choose ADS Security

Although Southeast residents may see the ads for ADS Security, please consider the following points reviewers have said time and time again in regards to ADS Security:

  • Very long contracts
  • Limited availability
  • High cost
  • Poor customer service

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