Forget about things that go bump in the night. Over half of all burglaries are carried out in broad daylight when most households are at work or school. The threat of home invasions is a primary motivator for placing a home under surveillance with a security camera system for some people. However, you may have a different reason for wanting to cover your home with a security camera. Many people rely on jobs that require out-of-town travel or night shifts, and they want to keep an eye on the home front while on the go. Understanding your desire for security camera coverage will help you to decide what type of camera system is right for you and where its components should be placed.

Products from

    Besides being one of our direct competitors, ADT is a leader in the home security industry and has served North American individuals and businesses since 1874. When it brings home security products to market, consumers and security professionals take note. At Protect America, we view those products as possible benchmarks that can inspire further innovation within the industry. Here’s a guide to ADT cameras systems for 2018.


    Indoor Security Cameras

    ADT Pulse Camera HD RC8325 Indoor Wireless

    This infrared camera offers clear, crisp video capture in both daylight and low-light situations. It displays daylight video in high resolution color and switches to black-and-white illuminators for night viewing. The camera uses a wireless internet signal to connect to ADT Pulse security software, but it still must be plugged into an AC power source. Here’s what you get with the camera in a nutshell.

    • 720p High Definition resolution quality
    • 90-degree angle viewing
    • Live video streamed and recorded viewing –
    • Integration with smart home automation equipment

    ADT Covert Camera Smoke Detector

    This hidden camera is concealed within a standard-looking smoke detector. It’s a wired device that uses a 3.7 millimeter color camera to capture and record activities within a home. The smoke detector camera works well for property owners who must frequently bring strangers into their homes.

    Outdoor Security Camera

    ADT Pulse Camera HD OC835 Outdoor Wireless

    This camera is the outdoor version of the ADT HD RC8325 Indoor Wireless camera. It offers infrared LEDs for crisp day and night video viewing. The camera connects via wireless internet to ADT Pulse home security software but requires a wired connection to a power supply. It can record video based on motion detection, but it is limited to a 30-second video capture every five minutes. Here are its other major features.

    • 720p High Definition camera quality
    • 95-degree viewing angle
    • IP66 water resistance
    • Weatherized housing that accommodates temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

    ADT Pulse Camera MDC835 Outdoor Wireless Dome

    This home security camera has similar capabilities to ADT’s OC835 Outdoor Wireless camera. It comes with infrared LEDS that illuminate outdoor areas up to 16 feet at night and offers premium resolution in color for daylight viewing. The outdoor dome camera can connect to the ADT Pulse home security software via wireless internet signal or a wired transmission but must be hooked up to a power supply. The camera can capture video based on motion detection triggers of up to 35 feet, and it has an internal Micro SD card slot for onsite video storage. Here’s what you can expect from ADT’s MDC835 Outdoor Dome camera. 720p High Definition picture resolution

    •  75-degree viewing angle
    • IP66 water resistance
    • Weatherized casing for extreme temperature ranges between -40 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Ruggedized, vandal-resistant dome covering


    Video Doorbell Camera

    The Ring Doorbell Video Camera allows users to see who is at the door from anywhere. You can also go to the portal on and see all of your videos there. The high definition camera is integrated into a regular-looking doorbell that is capable of alerting users when a person has approached their home. The Ring doorbell camera is enabled with a two-way, voice communication system that can help to deter would-be thieves or reassure welcomed guests. The camera can be connected to your home whether or not you have a doorbell already in place. It’s also a truly wireless camera, which can be powered by battery and connected to the ADT Pulse software via wireless internet. Property owners can also enjoy continuous use through a standard doorbell’s hardwired, power connection.

    Final Thoughts

    ADT has premium products and services for consumers who are willing to pay top-of-the-line installation and monitoring service fees. Business editor at PC Mag, Oliver Rist, described the drawbacks of ADT’s home security camera systems as expensive. Three-year contract required with hefty early termination fee.
    At Protect America, we believe that quality products and services can be delivered for more reasonable prices. For instance, we offer indoor home security cameras with full-swivel bases that accommodate wider viewing ranges. We are also set to launch our new tilt/pan high definition camera that increases viewing ranges. These types of cameras are money-saving options because they allow you to protect your home with fewer devices. Also, ADT home security camera systems must be installed by its technicians, and the cost of this service is passed on to its customers. Protect America offers guided, do-it-yourself security camera installation that also saves you money.

    For a free evaluation of your home security camera needs, contact Protect America. We create security camera solutions that fit your lifestyle, home configuration and budget.