ADT has provided residential and small business electronic security, fire protection, as well as other alarm-related monitoring services, for centuries. Through the company’s existence in providing service for 35 countries, ADT’s customer service has been paramount for consistency in superiority protections. ADT is marketed to customers as always being caring, trusted and reliable. The company is considered to be the leading alarm monitoring service in the world. Since ADT was founded 144 years ago, there must be a reason why the company’s reputation has remained.

Although ADT does go above and beyond for some of their customers, being such a large company, some customers do slip through the cracks. Although we are impressed with their customer service, Protect America prides themselves on taking care of every customer and even those who don’t have service through Protect America and are looking for security advice. So while we would recommend ADT, if you’re looking for the best customer service you might want to consider service with Protect America.

What is it that more than 8 million customers are receiving from ADT that makes the company continue to be so pervasive?

There are three factors that point to why people are continuing to trust in ADT’s customer service.

ADT’s customer care organization consists of the account service center and the customer monitoring center. Both centers are responsible for supporting customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ADT Cares about Their Employees – And It Shows

First and foremost, ADT values its employees. Since ADT customer service representatives are the first person that a customer comes in contact with, when an emergency arises, it makes perfect sense that the company would place value on their employees. Customer service representatives can protect a person’s home, property, business, or even their life, in a single phone call to the customer care center. When an alarm goes off, they become the first line of defense. Many times in the account service center, there are billing concerns that can become complex. Representatives are trained to make a difference with every call received. ADT places enormous value on training, development, and accountability. In return, ADT provides phenomenal opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as generous recognition and awards, such as the company’s “Hall of Fame” award, which recognizes quality achievements and excellence among those who demonstrate actions – above and beyond what’s expected.

Principled and Compassionate Value System

Each customer service representative is held accountable for delivering highly ethical and principled behavior towards customers. Representatives are held to standards of excellence that include:

  • Exhibiting a suitable sense of empathy, concern, and understanding.
  • Conveying a level of integrity to the customer through ethical actions.
  • Taking ownership of issues on behalf of the company’s intended mission.
  • Demonstrating accountability with compassion and consideration for others.

All customer service representatives are trained on how to handle a service issue with the first call. They use training techniques such as “L.I.S.T.” and incorporate them into each call.

  • Listen to the customer’s concerns.
  • Indicate complete understanding.
  • Solve the customer’s issue.
  • Tell the customer what actions were necessary.

Customer service representatives are focused on the superior handling of every call with a quality of responsiveness that makes customers feel safe. If interested in becoming one of those customers and having a monitored home security, contact Protect America to receive an instant and free quote.

Going the Extra Mile

Customer service representatives for ADT are not only committed to delivering the customer’s expectations, but they also go the extra mile for ensuring quality results. It’s not uncommon for a representative to be asked to remain on a call for an extended period of time during an alarm incident. Representatives will accommodate customers without hesitation, rather than rushing to the next call.

Through patience, delicate understanding, and precise measuring of the alarm incident, customer service representatives simply empower themselves to do the right thing.

ADT employs over 18,000 employees worldwide. Those employees consist of dedicated people who look for solutions and answers to issues, as opposed to looking the other way. Whether it’s protecting people, property or pets, ADT customer service representatives are skilled and very proficient in handling issues expediently. Through patience, delicate understanding, and precise measuring of the alarm incident, customer service representatives simply empower themselves to do the right thing.

When customers choose ADT, they know that they are protected. There is complete evidence for understanding the passion and pride that goes into providing them with highly efficient and exceptional service on a daily basis.

ADT will continue its extraordinary customer service from a team of representatives that exude confidence in providing alarm monitoring. However, compared to how the protect america customer service line, ADT may not be your best option. Since customer service representatives are the face of the company, it’s essential to have a team of superlative professionals who represent such an important task of protecting millions of customers worldwide.