With more than 9 million property crimes reported on average each year in the US, it is no surprise or shock that the home security industry continues to boom.

Choosing a home security company you can trust and rely on is one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner and the head of your household. When you want to ensure your family and loved ones are protected at all times, researching and comparing home security companies near you is highly advisable. While ADT has been a leading home security and internet provider for years, it is essential to review the options available to you from your local ADT Pulse security provider before settling on a final decision that is optimal for your household.


Multiple Packages Available

ADT has a variety of packages available for prospective customers who are seeking a home security monitoring system and solution. With multiple packages available, find an option that fits your budget and still offers the protection you envision for you and your family. It is important to keep in mind that ADT does not offer its “ADT Pulse” or home automation features and functions with the basic security packages.

ADT Pulse Integration

ADT’s Pulse integration is a major draw for the company, which allows customers to access and monitor their own home or property on-the-go and from just about any location with the use of the smartphone or a nearby computer. Using ADT’s Pulse home automation feature is ideal when you want to quickly access your live video feeds and cameras or if you simply prefer receiving alerts and potential alarms directly to your phone to keep your mind at ease whenever you are not on or near your property itself. ADT Pulse is currently only available for customers who are interested in a higher-end home security package, plan, and contract.

No Free Equipment Included

One of the downfalls of using ADT for home security is the inability to obtain the security equipment you need to monitor your home without paying for the equipment in full. ADT does not currently loan or rent their equipment to customers. Instead, you are required to purchase equipment if you are choosing a basic or traditional home security package. If you are ever in need of updating or replacing equipment in the future, you are also 100% responsible as the customer to purchase the equipment or to pay for the repairs you require as needed. If you are unable to invest in all of the home security equipment you need right out of pocket, consider alternative options and solutions that will work for you regardless of your needs and any budget you have set in place.

36-Month Contract

Before becoming a new customer of ADT it is important to note that all new and prospective customers are required to sign a 36-month contract (at the very least) in order to become eligible for home security monitoring and equipment. ADT’s 36-month contract is extremely average in length when comparing other company contract policies. Most standard contracts within the home security industry last anywhere from 36 to 60 months (or three to five years). Once you are locked into a contractual agreement it is not possible to switch to another company or service provider without paying a hefty cancellation fee and in some cases, the entire balance on your account for the remaining time left in your original contract.

Poor Customer Service

ADT is unfortunately not known for its great customer service. Many individuals who have used the service report unwanted and unnecessary fees along with price hikes after promotional offers have expired (while still being locked into a contract). Always be sure to read the terms and conditions as well as any contract you are presented with before making a decision on a home security company that is truly right for you.

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