ADT Home Security is likely one of the most well-known names within the security industry. Nevertheless, it isn’t always the most cost-effective or advanced solution. If you’re looking for an affordable, advanced method of home security, you may want to consider all of the costs associated with ADT’s monitoring solution. Like many solutions, it has costs associated with both its equipment and its subscription service.


ADT Installation and Service Fees

ADT offers 24/7 monitoring services, wireless control panels, wireless door and window sensors, and key fobs for better access control. Video cameras can be attached to the system and mobile alerts can be sent to let you know about alarm issues. All of these are fairly common features provided through current generation home security products. However, ADT is available at fees of around $30 to $60 with associated installation costs.

While prices for ADT packages range from $27.99 to $58.99, you are also required to pay an installation fee before being permitted to activate your home alarm system. Additional taxes and fees may also apply to your monthly charge based on the number of monitoring devices you are using to secure your home and surrounding property.

Those interested in ADT service are going to need to consider their substantial installation fees. There are many services available that have free installation available. ADT installation can range between $300 to $1,000. It can even be over $1,000 for more complex installations. Some of these installation fees may also be associated with a contract, and you may need to maintain this contract for a certain amount of time or pay fees. These are additional costs that need to be considered.

Homeowners should carefully read any contracts before they sign them, as they may include fees such as early termination fees.

The Packages Offered By ADT Home Security

ADT offers a variety of different packages intended to offer different tiers of service. The most basic packages still include 24/7 monitoring, but there are “smart” features included in some of the more advanced (and costly) products. As of 2018, the packages include:

  • Traditional. This package includes 24/7 monitoring, a wireless keypad, 4 door/window sensors, and a variety of options. Optional add-ons include cellular connection, fire and smoke monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, and water detection and temperature monitoring. The cost of this service is $19.99 a month and at least $125 in upfront costs.
  • Remote. In addition to the traditional package, the remote package also offers remote web and mobile access and email and text notification. Further, the optional add-ons for the traditional service are included in the remote service. The cost of this service is $36.99 a month.
  • Video. Video services include the remote package and remote locking and unlocking, lighting and thermostat control, remote secure video, and a garage door controller. This makes it an intelligent security option, but the costs associated with this service is $52.99.

In addition the flat subscription costs, there may be options to these packages that increase the price. When it comes to the base plan, all of the optional add-ons will increase the price.  Though the base “upfront cost” is $125, this may increase depending on the home and the installation. ADT technicians will often review a homeowner’s house early on in the process to determine how difficult the installation will be.

The Equipment Offered by ADT Security

ADT packages and resells much of its equipment, which is important for homeowners to know before they commit to an installation. Though they may be paying for the ADT branding, many different types of security equipment will actually be installed in their home. ADT often uses Ademco, DSC, Honeywell, or Interlogix systems, all of which are also available through other security solutions.

It’s possible for homeowners to get exactly the same equipment as they would get through ADT through another home security solution. Homeowners should compare other types of security system to make sure they are getting the best value for the equipment that they’re receiving. Protect America offers comprehensive security solutions without any costly installation costs. Contact Protect America today to find out more.