Think you can’t afford a home security system? Think again. You can’t afford NOT to have a home security system. Check out the following statistics about home burglary today!


Did You Know?

  • A home burglary occurs every 15 seconds. 2.1 million homes are burglarized every year.
  • The average loss per  homeowner is $2,230
  • Your home is 40% less likely to be burglarized if you have a home security system.
  • Burglaries account for 23.4% of all property crimes.

According to the FBI,

The definition of robbery is, “The taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.”

Don’t become a statistic. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about a home security system.

If you’re like most consumers, you are inundated with a multitude of companies offering you various products and services that they say will protect your family and your home. Home security systems have seen many technological improvements in the last several years including the ability to remotely monitor your entire home.  ADT is one of the biggest names in home security, but what exactly are you getting when you sign with ADT and are there better options out there?

Monthly Monitoring Costs

First, let’s look at monthly monitoring costs. Basic monitoring starts at $27.99/month. (note: this requires that you have a landline). If you are interested in wireless monitoring, the price jumps up to $48.99/month. Jump to $52.99/month and you will get mobile access to alerts. If you want all of that plus video surveillance, your monthly cost will be $58.99/month.


Installation starts at $99 for the basic ADT system and jumps to $199 when you choose a system with wireless compatibility.

ADT advertises free equipment, but the fine print reveals that is only for the first two packages. After that, the added equipment is an additional cost.  ADT’s basic equipment includes the following:

  • Wireless control panel
  • 3 wireless door/window sensors
  • Wireless motion detector (pet immune)
  • Window decals and yard sign
  • Key fob (basic wireless package only)
  • CellGuard (basic wireless package only)

Video equipment is only available with the highest level package and you must contact ADT for pricing.

If the following items are important to you, you may want to shop for another professional home security company:

  • Customer service: ADT has taken steps to improve their customer service,  but the number of negative reviews out there might make you think again before choosing ADT.
  • Long-term contracts: If you do not want to be locked into a long-term contract, you may want to shop around.
  • You would rather skip the installation guy and do it yourself.
  • Cost: ADT seems to be a bit pricier than some other extremely reputable companies out there. It is possible to get free equipment AND a low monthly monitoring fee.

While price is a driving factor, what else is important when shopping for a home security system?  Here are some questions to ask during your search.

  • Do you require a contract? If so, how long? Know before you sign.
  • Does your product offering monitoring? If so, what is the charge per month and what exactly does it include?  Beware of un-monitored systems. While it may seem as if you are saving money, the cost of replacing your personal belongings if you miss a push-alert far outweighs the minimal  monthly fee to protect your home.
  • How much are the installation costs? Beware of companies that offer “free installation” only to turn around and cover their costs in your monthly fees.
  • Does the system offer fire/carbon monoxide detection?
  • What equipment is included with the system?
  • Do they have a warranty? If so what is the ADT address?


Protecting your home is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. If you are considering your options for a home security system, don’t trust just anyone. Call the security pros at Protect America and find out how you can start saving money and peace of mind today!