ADT is one of the largest providers of home security and monitoring throughout the United States. With more than 1.5 million burglaries occurring in 2015, the number of home alarm systems being purchased and installed is continuing to skyrocket. Studies show that homes are 300% more susceptible to home invasions and burglaries without having a security system installed. If you are unsure of the company you want to trust with all of your home security needs this year, read and compare reviews of some of the top monitoring providers available today, such as ADT.

ADT security

Pros of ADT’s Home Security Systems

  • Reliable monitoring with 24/7 protection
  • Live video cameras available
  • Motion detectors for doors and windows included in most packages
  • Home automation integration with smartphones, computers, and home devices
  • ADT’s new system, Pulse, is capable of connecting with a security doorbell on your smartphone
  • Professional installation to guarantee satisfaction of the service on the spot
  • Smoke and heat sensors
  • Key fobs available for quick access and entrance to areas of your home without directly using the home alarm’s control panel

Cons of ADT’s Home Security Service

  • The basic plan available from ADT requires a landline, disqualifying individuals from the price point who only own cellular devices
  • Long-term contracts may keep you stuck at a premium rate that is higher than competitors
  • Upgrades are not always prompted once your contract is renewed. Often, customers share in their reviews that upgrades were only provided once the customer inquired about the opportunity to an ADT representative themselves. 
  • Additional service fees and charges for new software or updates may cause your bill to gradually increase without notice

Installation Fees

Installation fees garner some negative feedback from customers, especially those who are interested in switching to a security company that does not require an additional expense. With ADT, installation fees may vary depending on your location as well as the package you are interested in for your home.

An alternative company such as Protect America, eliminates installation fees by allowing you to install your security cameras individual once they are delivered with phone assistance.  

Higher Overall Monthly Costs

Because 24/7 monitoring is available and professional installation is provided (with an additional fee), individuals who sign up under ADT may face charges that are a bit higher than some competition on the market. When rates are higher each month for service, sticking to a 3-year contract can turn stressful quick

Required Contractual Agreements

Are you interested in learning more about customized security system plans with lower rates and without installation fees? Get in touch with Protect America to learn more about the options we have available and which plan is most suitable for your security needs. ProtectAmerica offers a myriad of equipment and monitoring options to choose from to fit with any lifestyle whether you prefer protecting the interior or exterior of your home (or both). Contact us at today to get your free quote regarding your home security service needs.