There is one nightmare that is probably shared universally across the spectrum of homeowners: finding out that your sacred space, your property, has been broken into. Criminal activity is always something that has to be weighed and security options have to be measured against the potential threat. There is a reason that ADT Home Security has been in operation for over 140 years: people need to know that they can feel safe within their home. With a market that is saturated by home security companies and products, it can be hard to find exactly which system will do the trick. Today, we are going to examine whether or not the ADT Security System is worth its cost. Is this product a bargain or a bust?


Unbiased ADT Home Security Review

As we highlighted above, ADT Home Security has been in the industry for over 140 years. Basically, ADT is the originator of the home security industry as a whole. Still, being an old company doesn’t mean that their products should go unquestioned. Today, we are going to set our sights on ADT Home Security in order to find out if the cost is worth the actual product.

ADT Security is the largest provider of home security products in all of North America. The business has been in operation for over 140 years with their services dating back to carriage protection for horse-led vehicles.

The first thing that customers need to realize when looking at security plans from ADT is that there are many different options available. Merely scrolling through their security offerings can feel a little bit overwhelming. If a person doesn’t want to select from the pre-built list of security system options, they can consult an ADT security agent in order to have a plan written up for them specifically.

Out of the gate, what we like about ADT is that there are multiple products for just about every aspect of home security systems. Almost all of their packages include a central control hub that is easy to use and sleek in terms of design. ADT offers both wireless and wired home security options, depending on the preference of the homeowner and the networking options that are available to them.

The most affordable of ADT’s security packages will start out at just $37/month and it figures to be competitive with many alternatives, including the beloved offerings of Protect America. Additionally, ADT will even offer professional monitoring services for already installed home security systems. From there the scale of the plans changes based on the pricing upgrades. The highest priced package is close to $60 per month, without any sort of modifications.

Is ADT Home Security Worth The Price?

ADT Home Security does quite a few things well and there are some places that they struggle. Here is what we like:

  • A wide range of security system options.
  • Pricing is relatively modest, starting at $37/month.
  • Easy to customize a personal system.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Products are universally high quality in terms of design.

Still, ADT doesn’t get a perfect score and a big part of their downgrade is that they lock customers into long term contracts that could end up becoming a net-negative by the end of their lifespan. We like flexibility and convenient pricing with our home security, and that leads us to our next option.


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There is something comforting in knowing that help is just a phone call away. At Protect America, getting started with a fully functional, professionally monitored home security system has never been easy. As winners of the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Award, nine times running, Protect America has proven that they are committed to bringing great services to their customers.

While it is true that there are many home security companies marketing their goods and claiming to be the best, we feel like Protect America is one of the few that can live up to those heady words. Protect America doesn’t have installation fees and they guarantee price matching on all deals. Protect America is here to help homeowners feel secure and they are doing it more affordable than anyone else. For a free estimate on a personalized home security system, contact Protect America today!