Comparing two different security companies is a good idea when it comes to trying to decide which one is going to be right for a particular homeowner’s needs. Not all of them offer the same things, even though they generally have similar options that they provide. Some may also cost a little bit more, and others may charge less for the same service. That can depend on the customer’s location and area of the country, but can also simply be a difference between companies — and homeowners don’t want to end up paying too much just because they haven’t done their research. Company comparisons can be a great way to find the company that’s going to be the best fit.


The ADT Advantage Can Be Valuable

With ADT there can be significant advantages. These include a national name backing the protection the homeowner receives. By getting that, these homeowners are able to receive a larger base of security options, and are also able to get the peace of mind that comes with having a national chain company as their security provider. But ADT can have some bad reviews, and most of these reviews are based on the issue of contract cancellation and how difficult it is to do for people who decide they no longer want to work with the company. People either seem to really love ADT or really dislike it, and there is not a lot of middle ground for customers of the company.

LifeShield Security Offers Customers Good Value

Another company that is very similar to ADT is LifeShield. It provides the same type of protection abilities, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • high end equipment
  • fast response times
  • quality service
  • fair pricing structure

This is a company that, like ADT, has mixed reviews about its ability to provide what customers need for a price they are happy about. Some homeowners really love this company, while others feel it needs improvement in order to be successful and keep up with its counterparts. With that in mind, though, there are plenty of options for LifeShield customers to get what they need and want from the company. Some of them prefer it to ADT because it’s a smaller company, and they feel like they get more personal service.


Picking a New Security Provider for Home Protection

When choosing a security provider it’s very important to know what a homeowner needs and wants in their specific situation.

A security provider should offer everything a customer needs, and should be able to do so at a price that is fair and that is comparable to other companies in the area.

Selecting a provider should help the homeowner have more peace of mind, and should give that homeowner the comfort and protection they really need in order to feel safe in their own homes for as long as they have the monitored home security service.

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