When a homeowner needs a good quality security system, they often automatically choose the biggest name company they can find. They believe that the service will be better that way, and that the equipment may be newer and of higher quality, as well. But that’s not always the case. It’s important to take the time to compare companies, in order to find the one that’s going to be best for a particular customer’s wants and needs. That way there’s little risk of being dissatisfied after a contract is signed — the homeowner knows from the beginning what they will be getting.


What Customers Get With ADT

With ADT, customers get the biggest name in the business. ADT is a household name, and with that comes a reputation for quality. But that doesn’t mean the company is perfect. Like any security company, ADT has its share of complaints. Most of these are based on the idea that the company makes it difficult to cancel a contract. It’s especially irritating that you cannot cancel your contract with ADT online, instead that make you call them. It’s a source of frustration with customers, as is the unreliability of the monitoring services in some parts of the country. But for the most part customers seem to be happy with their service, and they know it’s backed by one of the leaders of the security business. That can make a difference in how they feel about the value they receive, along with their peace of mind.

What Moni Security Has To Offer

Another company that homeowners will want to think about is Moni. This company provides monitoring that can be used with Nest thermostats, making it a very popular choice with smart thermostat users. There’s also a smartphone app customers can use to lock doors, turn off lights, and more. Moni Security also offers:

  • a strong system with high value for the consumer
  • a comprehensive plan that can work for anyone
  • professional installation to make sure it’s done right
  • customer service after the sale has been completed

But much like ADT, there are people who also aren’t happy with Moni. Not everyone likes the company, and the main reason is contract issues. Not being able to easily cancel, needing to pay very high fees, and finding confusing or misleading information in the paperwork are all a part of the concerns customers have with Moni.


Is It Time to Switch Companies for Monitored Security?

Whether a homeowner chooses ADT or Moni, or whether they decide to go with something else entirely, there are companies they can pick from. Ideally, they want one that offers monitored security at a great price, and that will provide a needed level of quality and value.

Customers of security companies want peace of mind, but they also want to understand and feel good about what they’re paying for.

When they find a company they like and can trust, it makes it easier to focus on enjoying their home, instead of worrying about their protection and security.

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