When choosing a provider for a monitored home security system, customers just about everywhere have options. Even if there aren’t many traditional security providers in their area, there are also choices for equipment that can be purchased online and shipped. There are pros and cons to every security company — and it’s very important for a homeowner to carefully consider their options before making a choice. When they take the time to do that, they’re ready for any issues that could arise and they know what to expect from the company they’ve chosen. That can help add to the peace of mind they expect to get through the use of a security system for their home.


What ADT Brings To the Table

When it comes to quality home monitoring companies, ADT is the household name that most people think of. That’s partially because the company advertises so much, but also because they have a generally good reputation among their customers. Not everyone who uses or has used the service loves it, but many people are satisfied and give the company high ratings. Among the things that ADT offers are:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • easy, professional installation
  • reliable protection
  • fast response times
  • strong customer service
  • value for the money spent
  • high quality equipment

Those are all important aspects of a security company, because customers want to know that they’re getting a service that provides them with a lot of value. That can help them feel good about their choice of provider. But not everyone wants a traditional home monitoring experience, so some people shy away from companies like ADT and try a different option.

The Value Vivint Can Offer

Vivint is one of the companies that people can choose from if they aren’t looking for something traditional. This company allows customers to buy equipment and have it sent to them. They also offer DIY installation, so no one has to come to their home. They don’t have to wait to get things hooked up, and they can still get the monitoring and protection they’re looking for. It can also cost a bit less than traditional systems, but it’s fairly new and can have more reliability issues than the traditional home monitoring systems have. That’s something to consider when deciding on a company.


How To Choose the Right Alarm Company

Choosing the right alarm company is about two things: value and peace of mind. With a trusted home monitoring company, customers have peace of mind and they also feel like they’re getting good value for the money they’re spending. Those are both important issues, and well worth considering carefully when selecting a company. Homeowners who read reviews, do their research, and pay careful attention to detail are more likely to choose a company they can feel good about in the long run. That’s a great way to be comfortable with the company chosen, and to truly enjoy more peace of mind.

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