For 140 years, ADT Home Security System has a been a popular choice for residential consumers. With alarm monitoring and fire protection services, the company has provided superior and consistent customer service with technologically advanced equipment. With an ADT Wireless Security System, there is both convenience and peace of mind.


Basic Understanding of an ADT Wireless Security System

An ADT Wireless Security System has two mode settings – An “Away” mode or a “Stay” mode. Once a homeowner arms the alarm system, the wireless technology transmits any activity to the central hub. The “Away” mode will detect any activity throughout the home, including all doors and windows. However, with the “Stay” mode, the homeowner has the choice of arming only the doors and windows, which allows them to move around freely without sending a signal to the central hub. This feature is beneficial overnight or when leaving children home alone at an appropriate age. Because the system is wireless, the signal cannot be breached by someone from the outside; therefore, both modes are secure enough to provide peace of mind. If an intruder is detected with either setting, a signal will be sent to the central hub first in order to allow the homeowner to deactivate the alarm with a personalized code. The wireless signal is sent immediately to the ADT Monitoring Center; however, the signal is only considered as an intruder violation if there is no activity by the homeowner. Interested in monitored home security? Get an immediate and free quote today from Protect America!

Protect America encourages anyone to find a better deal and they will match it. It’s as simple as that!

Settling General Concerns Regarding Wireless vs. Wired

A major concern that homeowners have is a power outage. If a homeowner loses power, the wireless security system will remain active. Each ADT Wireless Security System is equipped with a backup battery, which provides several hours of protection. ADT also included an exceptional customer service feature by notifying the homeowner if the battery begins to show a low signal. However, the central hub also provides the homeowner with a code that translates to a low battery. Additionally, the homeowner still retains access to a panic and fire button. In the event of an emergency or fire, the alarm will transmit information seamlessly to the ADT Monitoring Center for immediate and appropriate dispatching of emergency services. It’s important to remember in these instances, once a signal is transmitted, it cannot be canceled under any circumstances, for the protection of the homeowner.


Deciding on a Wireless Package for a Secure Home

There are three package choices:

  • Traditional Package
  • Control Package
  • Video Package

All of the packages include the following features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • An ADT Go Family Locator App
  • Cellular Connection
  • Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Monitoring

In order to receive remote secure video, home automation, email and text alerts, or remote arm/disarm features through the ADT mobile app, a homeowner must select the Video Package. Keep in mind that with an ADT Wireless Security System, there isn’t the added expense of a landline phone, which “supplements” the overall cost. ADT will also provide a Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate for receiving a discount on homeowners insurance, if eligible. All ADT packages are backed by a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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