Finding a security company that has a positive reputation and has trustworthy clients is vital when you are looking for additional protection of your home or commercial business. Advent Security is a well-known security company based out of Oreland, Pennsylvania. The more you know about Advent Security along with other security providers in your area, the easier it is to make an investment decision that is right for you and your household for years to come. Without researching each security company you are interested in, it can become difficult to cancel a service or change the type of monitoring you want in the future once you are locked into a long-term contractual agreement. 


Advent Security Services

There are approximately 2.5 million burglaries reported throughout the United States each year. In 2010, more than $4.6 billion dollars of property loss was officially reported. 

While Advent Security does not differ greatly in the type of equipment they have to offer, they do provide standard services that are in demand within the market such as:

  • A central control panel to access information and details regarding your home’s security and the equipment you currently have installed
  • Motion sensors available to place near windows or doors depending on your home’s layout
  • Door monitors are also included in most packages from Advent Security
  • A siren can also be installed in your home to deter potential burglars and unwanted guests once they have entered the home
  • A key fob is used to quickly gain access to your home without requiring you to utilize your home alarm’s central panel
  • 24 Hour monitoring is provided with ongoing service

Negotiable Contracts

While Advent Security does require a sign up for new customers, it is possible to negotiate the terms and length of your agreement with the company. Changing the duration of your contractual agreement is possible if you are seriously considering utilizing Advent Security for your monitoring needs.

One-Year Warranty for Security Equipment and Control Panel

Unfortunately, Advent Security only offers a one-year warranty to new customers for both the security equipment as well as the control panel they receive. With a one-year warranty, you quickly become responsible for any potential malfunction you encounter as time passes.


Upfront Costs and Fees 

Advent Security requires an initial installation fee that ranges from $500 to more than $1000, depending on the security package you have selected as well as the size of your home. 

Whether you are interested in a long-term security company or if you are new to the realm of monitoring services, knowing everything possible about the home alarm service you choose is essential to avoid surprising fees or a lack of service in other areas of the business. If you are in need of a trustworthy and reliable service that eliminates installation fees altogether, consider choosing Protect America as your one-stop solution. Visit today to receive your free personalized quote so you are able to get your security system up and running in no time and without long-term commitments!