Airbnb continues to be plagued with a hidden camera problem. The Atlantic first broke the story last week and highlighted the growing concern that has impacted renters who elect to stay in Airbnb properties. Another report of pesky hidden cameras rose to the surface in Garden Grove, California. Per a local ABC affiliate, a couple who checked into an Airbnb property discovered an uninvited guest in their room – yes, yet another hidden camera.

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The couple elected to stay the night in their Airbnb rental even though they were now aware of the camera. They did, however, make it a point to report their findings to local law enforcement. Much to our disbelief, Garden Grove police reported that there was technically no crime committed, but it is surely unnerving for any guest to have a hidden camera pointed directly at them while they’re deep in REM cycle. The owner of the property has yet to offer any sort of comment on the matter.


Incidents involving hidden cameras in Airbnb properties are becoming a popular trend. They’re increasing at a shocking rate and becoming far too common. There have been multiple cases involving Airbnb properties and hidden cameras that have found their way into the limelight. Including, but not limited to, this couple in Toronto who found a camera tucked inside their alarm clock. It should go without saying that Airbnb is facing legal action. If, by chance, you happen to rent an Airbnb property in coming days, make sure to check for any unwanted devices that may happen to be watching you.