Alarm Relay is a home security company that focuses on monitoring rather than equipment. They provide professional monitoring for homes that already have security equipment. While Alarm Relay can protect your home from common threats such as intrusion and power-failure, their packages lack many of the features that traditional security companies provide. If you are looking for a home security system or a monitoring service that offers more advanced technology, look elsewhere.


They Don’t Sell Equipment

Alarm Relay does not sell any security equipment except a control panel. Instead, they offer monitoring for homes with existing security systems. This might be a perk for you if you’ve finished a contract at one company and wish to continue monitoring your home with a different service. There are many other companies with fewer restrictions that offer to take over existing equipment. For example, Protect America can take over existing security systems. At Protect America you have a large selection of security devices, different types of monitoring, home automation features, and smart phone integration to add to your system. If you have your equipment taken over by Alarm Relay, you are severely restricting your options.

Lacking Remote Access

The basic nature of Alarm Relay’s offerings don’t allow for any interactive capabilities, home automation, or mobile integration. Such features are almost compulsory in this day and age. You need to be able to connect to your home security system remotely from your mobile phone. This gives you reassurance and flexibility as a homeowner. At Protect America, you can adjust your settings; switch on an automated program, and even arm/disarm your security system remotely. For now, Alarm Relay does not offer that kind of control. Consider a home security system that gives you the peace of mind you deserve, from any location. Even if you don’t want home automation or smart phone integration, it’s nice to have options.

Customer Reviews

A quick search on the Internet will show you that the reviews for Alarm Relay are all over the place. They cover a wide range of topics including poor response times and customer service. A recent reviewer wrote this:

Companies don’t get much worse!  Quality of people poor. Quality of installation awful.


Up-Front Costs & Warranty

With Alarm Relay, there is an up-front cost of about $150 for activation and a year of monitoring. This is for landline monitoring only. For additional fees, you can have your hardware monitored through cellular communication, cellular back up, send e-mail notifications, or provide online portal access. Additionally, the second year of service at Alarm Relay goes up in price, when most companies offer a discounted fee for completing a contract length. For basic monitoring that includes free equipment and installation, consider choosing Protect America.

Alarm Relay also does not provide a warranty since they do not provide equipment. If your hardware from an outside manufacturer breaks, you will have to contact your previous suppliers for details on warranty or simply purchase a new device since many companies only provide warranty through their contracts. However, if you choose to get your equipment and services from Protect America, a lifetime warranty is guaranteed.