AlarmForce is a home security system manufacturer and provider that was founded in 1988. AlarmForce manufactures, installs and monitors home security systems in Canada and select states in the United States. While AlarmForce caters to people who do not want anything to do with their security systems on a technical level, they have a number of restrictions within their services that place them behind competitors.


Alarm Force Customers Do Not Own Their Equipment

AlarmForce claims that owning the equipment is of no value, but that’s not true. When you own your security system, you get to keep all of the equipment at the end of your contract. This gives you the option to change services while still using the same equipment instead of having to completely start over at the end of your contract. AlarmForce equipment is proprietary, meaning they own their technology. Owning your security devices makes for an easier transition if you need to move or transfer services. AlarmForce claims that leasing equipment allows them to charge less for monitoring, which starts at $25 a month. However, Protect America provides all your equipment at no cost, charges even less for monitoring at $19.99 a month, and allows you to keep everything at the end of your agreement.

Limited Packages

AlarmForce does not offer very much equipment in terms of what’s included in their packages. They offer free up-front equipment that is included in the packages. However, it’s not enough. Each security package from AlarmForce comes standard with 2 window/door contacts. For homeowners that have more than one door or window (which is most), additional contacts cost $69 each! Even Protect America’s most basic package includes more than that.


Customer Reviews

AlarmForce has some rather…. alarming reviews. For example, this customer was most upset about the unnecessarily long response time for an emergency. She wrote:

What a terrible company to deal with when things go wrong. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone looking for a home “security” system. A couple of times I waited to see how long the response time was and I eventually gave up.

In another review, this unhappy customer wrote:

Terrible customer service. Equipment is outdated. Wanted to upgrade my service from landline to cellular, first appointment was cancelled as their technician was sick. Second appointment nobody showed up, not even a phone call.

Availability is Limited, Eh?

AlarmForce service is very limited compared to top competitors. They only serve Canada, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Minnesota, and Florida. If you have their service and then need to move states, you’ll be out a lot of money. Consider a home security company that is flexible to your needs. Protect America serves Canada and the United States, while giving you the option to relocate easily or transfer services. At Protect America, you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty, free equipment, 24/7 monitoring, and the peace of mind you deserve.