AlarmForce was founded in 1988 in Toronto, Canada. The company expanded their market to American cities in November 2004 in North Carolina, and in the last 12 years they’ve added 11 major service centers in the US.

To date though, only five states in the US feature them as a provider, which amounts to 20% of their overall business. So, for the most part AlarmForce predominantly operates in Canada.

The company offers many useful products, but how do they compare to other major service providers?


The Specs

AlarmForce offers a personal response system they call AlarmCare that’s aimed at elderly people. They feature a VideoRelay system that combines a video surveillance system with their smartphone app that can be used independently or in conjunction with the home security system.

AlarmForce does offer two-way emergency response systems and video surveillance, and the company takes full control of products, installation, and monitoring. They also design and manufacture all of their products and all of their technicians work for AlarmForce, so there isn’t any third party monitoring. 


They offer three different packages. The basic starts at $24.99 and doesn’t come with most of the security offerings. It’s missing the app, smoke detector, carbon detector, video relay camera, control panel, thermostat, and door lock, so just about everything.

The second package is $34.99 and can add smoke alarms and the smartphone app, but to feature every product you must purchase the third package for $49.99.

The packages are accompanied by down payments, however. The first is $0 down, followed by $99 for the second, and $199 for the third.

AlarmForce does have a mix and match style framework, so you can purchase additional materials if need be.

The Problems

There’s a few problems with AlarmForce and they’re offering—most notably their customer service and issues with the product itself.

Outside of the product, technician are needed to install systems, so this could be a hassle for homeowners who will need to get off work to set up their products. 


Their offering is better than a lot of the smaller DIY options on the market and they do have comparable systems to some major home security providers, but they receive a lot of complaints. Complaints are mainly about the quality of the equipment. People report that the batteries on the sensors run out pretty quickly (extremely problematic since that’s the main purpose of a home security product) and false alarms are also reported. The company has less standard equipment than other companies with comparable price points.

Reviewers say the customer service reps are rude, and one CBC news story reported that a couple waited more than an hour after their first alarm for police to show up to their home. In the meantime, burglars got went through every room and got away with many valuables and personal items. The couple lost $20,000 over what their insurance covered. Another BBB complaint reported that the product never worked properly at all.

The company did go public in 1997, but with many other reputable and more established options on the market, we suggest you opt out of AlarmForce and stick with a product that has a better reputation, and a better presence in the United States.