Looking for a Professional Security Service Provider with Monitoring Services?

Many consumers start out their quest for a home security system through the DIY route and soon find that the products do not really meet their home security requirements. When you begin weighing your options for home security system services such as Alder Home Security, try to keep the following in mind:

  • Is the equipment cost, some or all of it, included in the cost of the contract?
  • Make sure that the contract is for a set price for the life of the agreement. No one wants to open a bill to find surprise charges and fees.
  • Double check online reviews or ask for references in your area. If there are a multitude of concerns and issues that have never been fully addressed by the company, it is a good idea to find another vendor.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this company, including online users claiming or asking if it is a scam corporation. We recommend that you tread very carefully before signing any service agreements with Alder Home Security, or even better yet, avoid them all together.

Entering into a successful partnership with a home security service the foundation must be based on trust, as you are relying on them to provide the safety and protection that your family needs. If there are a number of red flags that pop up with every mention of their name, it may be a smart move to begin considering an alternative provider.


Limitations of the Alder Service Model

In addition to the many customer service and equipment issues, there are some technical issues with this security services firm. For example, if there is a piece of equipment that is not operating properly getting the company to replace it can prove to be an onerous experience. There have been reports of ignored requests and shipments being delivered to incorrect addresses.

Contract length can become a huge issue if you find that you are dissatisfied with the services provided. Be sure to read all of the fine print before signing one of their required three or five-year service contracts. One of the reasons that the DIY market is growing at such a strong and rapid pace is due to the behavior of companies that do not deliver as promised, overcharge for faulty equipment, and require lengthy and difficult to cancel contracts. If you are looking for a more robust system than a DIY kit can provide, but are unsure which company to choose, it’s time to learn more about Protect America.

When It Comes to Home Security Systems, Reliability is Key

In the security game, experience matters, and with 25 years in the industry, ProtectAmerica is one of the best. In addition to their many years of solid performance, the company has been awarded the Smart Buy designation from Consumers Digest for eight years. The company offers free installation, an equipment credit up to $1,400, a price-match guarantee, and fixed pricing over the life of your contract.


There are no hidden fees or charges and the entire process is based on providing a high level of service and transparency for their customers. Their 24-7 monitoring service provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home security system is connected to your local first responders departments in the event of an emergency or incident.

If you are interested in learning more about the monitoring and other home security services provided by Protect America contact them at (800) 951-5190 or through the website to receive your free quote.