Alder is a home security company that offers professional monitoring with DIY installation. Promoting themselves as, “Simple,” Alder seeks to offer customers the simplest way to have home security. While the product they offer is at least the industry standard, there are some negative aspects about the company that should be mentioned. In this Alder Security review, we will break-down the good aspects as well as bad about Alder to better inform customers to help make the right decision.

What They Offer

Adler Security offers 24/7 professional monitoring which is the industry standard. They also offer remote system access that can be used on a smart phone using their app. With the remote access, users are able to view what is going on at home. They provide indoor, outdoor and even smart-doorbell cams with video surveillance to watch the front door. Customers are able to monitor and record the activity caught on these camera from anywhere as well as adjust the direction and angles of the cameras using the app. The basic Alder security package starts at $49.99 a month, which keeps customers connected to the police, fire and medical emergency professionals.


What They Don’t Offer

Alder’s pitch of, “Simple,” is surprisingly accurate. They don’t offer all the home automation services that other, similar security companies offer. Although they do offer some of the basic home automation options such as; smart locks, thermostat control and lighting control, they are missing things such as garage door access or small appliance control devices. While that may not seem important for a home security company, having the option to fully enhance your home into a smart home with automation is a nice touch. While home security and automation companies work tirelessly to advance their smart-home technology, missing a few basic home automation options seems odd.

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    Security Scam

    One major issue in Alder’s young history that needs to be mentioned is their scamming past. In 2016, Inside Edition went undercover in Kentucky to report on over 200 deceptive home security sale tactics that had been reported nationwide. What they uncovered was shocking. An Alder Salesmen was taught to present himself as an employee of ADT or General Electric to trick customers into signing a contract with Alder and if nothing else, change their yard sign. These actions caught on tape which resulted in customers paying for two security contracts lead to a lawsuit filed by ADT. In 2017, Alder chose to settle out of court and was forced to pay ADT $5.5 million. Today, Alder has a blog on their website instructing people on how to spot a security scam, yet has no mention of their scamming past. They also offer customers the option to verify Alder representatives by typing in their ID number. The company has been clearly trying to move forward since the incident. Unfortunately, some pasts are hard to leave behind.



    Alder is a fine security company that offers industry-standard equipment. Their simple-DIY installation process combined with a professionally monitored system is ideal for premium home security. They do not come cheap however. For the cost of their basic package, customers would be able to get a more customized option with other companies. If you’re interested in finding a better home security option, contact Protect America today for an obligation-free quote. A professionally monitored system, with an installation process that’s as easy as peal-and-stick, Protect America has been an industry leader for 25 years. Let the professionals ensure your security so you can ensure peace of mind.