Alexa is the name of the voice-activated assistant available on Amazon’s line of Echo products which are quickly becoming must-have home devices. Alexa offers users a wide range of functions which the company calls skills. Alexa’s skills are easily accessible from anywhere in a room with an Echo by saying, “Hey, Alexa” to activate the devices hands-free.

While everyone is aware Alexa’s most common skills including answering a simple question, keeping track of your schedule and even playing games, there are tons of functionality most Echo-owners don’t know about.

Get the most from Alexa with these three amazing uses.


Alexa Can Help Save Someone’s Life

You should always contact a doctor as soon as possible when someone is having a medical emergency, but sometimes, immediate action is required and seconds can mean the difference between life and death. That is where Alexa’s variety of medical skills come into play. There are several options to choose from, Including:

Each of these skills offers a variety of information on medical conditions and first aid procedures. It is a good idea to enable the medical skills you want to use and practice accessing it before an actual medical problem arises. That way you will know all the commands to use when it really matters.

Remember that these medical skills are not medical advice and are for informational purposes only. Always seek professional medical assistance.

Keep Track of the People and Things You Love

Are you the type of person who is constantly worrying whether your friends or family members are safe and sound? Or perhaps you are simply forgetful and often misplace your phone or keys? Don’t worry. Alexa has skills to help you keep track of the people and things you love.

For those who want to keep tabs on the comings and goings of the people in your life, try the Life360 skill on Alexa. Life360 allows you to find where your best bud is hanging out or gives you the peace of mind that your teenager has arrived home after school without using the app. Find out more what Life360 can offer you and your family at their website.

Misplacing your phone or keys is frustrating. Make finding small items at home much easier with TrackR. TrackR uses tags which you can attach to any item which will alert you to an item’s location with an audible alarm. All you need to do is ask Alexa where your missing item is, and within a few seconds, you should hear a beep to guide you to it.

Help Secure Your Home with Alexa

Did you know that you can turn your Alexa-enabled device into a security hub for your home? It is easier than you think. Today there are tons of security products which work directly with Alexa making it easy to keep you and your family safer.


Whether you want to add smart locks, sensors or security cameras, Alexa can help you control everything with just your voice. While this is great for everyone, it is especially beneficial for seniors and for those with limited mobility.

Before buying any Alexa-enabled security equipment for your home, speak with an expert. The team at ProtectAmerica knows which Alexa-enabled security devices work well and which are just a waste of money. Call 1-800-951-5190 to speak with someone today and learn how to feel safer whether you are home or away.