Investing in a home security system is one way to gain peace of mind for your entire family while protecting your property and belongings even when you are not at home. In 2010, burglaries in the United States racked up losses over $4.6 billion for individuals who were victimized. It is never too late to consider a home alarm system of your own. All Guard Alarm offers various solutions for individuals looking to monitoring their homes while also staying connected with the use of home automation. Comparing prices, services, features, and reviews are all important factors to keep in mind before choosing a home security system you can truly trust and rely on.


All Guard Alarm Services

All Guard Alarm offers traditional monitoring and video surveillance options for any home, regardless of its size and location. Keep an eye on potential intruders and even exterior surroundings with security cameras (CCTV) and live feeds that are accessible using your central monitoring system, smartphone, computer, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device. Implement window and door sensors into your home alarm system set up with All Guard Alarm, ensuring all areas of your home are properly monitored whether you are nearby or not. Traditional monitoring services include:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring 24/7
  • Home automation integration (using smartphones, computers, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices)
  • Automatic dangerous weather alerts and system trigger alerts using home automation
  • Motion detection services (window and door sensors)

Home Automation Capabilities

One of the most popular features and capabilities of the All Guard Alarm security system is the ability to integrate home automation into your monitoring service. Home automation capabilities allow you to monitor your system from afar, whether you are at work or even traveling outside of the country. Receive automatic alerts when a door or window has been opened (forcefully or even by children and other members of your household) even after your system has been set to lock. With home automation in place using All Guard Alarm, always remain updated with the latest potential weather alerts and dangers in your local area, adding another layer of protection and security to your home and for your family.


Service Call Fees

While All Guard Alarm has a long-standing positive reputation with most customers, it can be overwhelming and extremely expensive when scheduling a service call if you are in need.

Most service calls provided by All Guard Alarm cost a minimum of $60 per hour and often require at least 4 hours to complete each job they are scheduled for at every appointment.

Whenever you are looking to find the best home alarm security companies it is imperative to conduct thorough research on each of the services available near you. The more you know about service fees, monthly costs, and the equipment each provider has to offer, the easier it is to make a long-term decision that is optimal for you and your family’s home security needs. Are you looking to boost your home’s current security with top-notch equipment, customer service, and affordable fees? Visit to learn more about our DIY installation options, monitoring services, and to get a free quote that works best for you today!