If you’re curious to know how the ‘other guys’ are doing, we’re not shy to give you a fair look. Today, we’re focusing on All Guard Alarm, what they offer, and how they measure the yardstick when it comes to protecting your home in 2018. Here we go!


Who is All Guard Alarm?

What’s the scoop on All-Guard Alarm?  Founded in 1952, this regional company primarily serves in California and offers full-scale security in the event of a fire, flood, carbon monoxide, break-in, or medical emergency. All Guard Alarm is family owned and provides security services for both homes and businesses alike. All Guard Alarm carries a solid reputation in the business and boasts their 24/7 UL listing monitoring center and excellent customer service practices. As of 2018, they currently hold a CSAA five star rating and a 3 1/2 star rating on Yelp, though they did finish out last year carrying a fair amount of positive five-star reviews in the local area.

But There is One Thing…

The only glaring problem with All Guard Alarm is that they’re not clear about their services on the website, nor are they transparent about the service and cancellation terms on their contract. This opens the door for a lot of fodder to happen that can be easily prevented with accurate communication in place at the right channels. This includes clear, concise descriptions of the product or service on the website or through customer service. Vague descriptions or terms can also be cumbersome for the homeowner to manage in regards to their protection and the true value of the service they are getting. The good news is, it’s never too late to get out of an unclear security contract that you’re not sure about, no matter who it may be. Protect America’s well-seasoned customer service staff works with you to get the job done, ensures you know what you’re buying, and helps keep you and your family safe the simple way.

But the good news is, it’s never too late to get out of a security contract you’re not sure about, no matter who it may be.

The other setback to All Guard Alarm is that the area they serve is limited, which only covers the San Francisco – Sacramento – San Jose area in California. If you’re not in that area to meet their professional installation service, you’re out of luck. (Or in this case, in regards to their commonly vague contract terms, that might indeed be a good thing.) 


The Transparent Choice

Let’s take an honest recap of All Guard Alarm:


  • Solid security company with a loyal customer base and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Services include burglary, fire, flood, medical, and carbon monoxide.
  • Boasts excellent customer service serving the San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacremento areas in California.


  • Limited area availability.
  • Unclear descriptions of products and services on their website.
  • Lack of transparency in contract terms.

Need help with clarification? Call Protect America today and we’ll be pleased to assist you!