Today’s smart home security industry has many players, and consumers who want comprehensive home protection and automation systems inevitably consider Alliance Security. The Rhode Island-based security company has served its community with top-notch home protection products, system installation and monitoring services since 2009. The company’s mission to protect people and offer peace of mind is accomplished by helping its customers to connect to home, their family’s sanctuary, from anywhere. Alliance Security offers consumers a host of smart home security options. Let’s evaluate its current security packages that can be tailored based upon various lifestyle factors.


Home Security Essentials Package

Alliance Security’s base-level home security package is not so basic. It includes a 4G LTE-powered security system that nearly guarantees speedy response times. With this package, customers can connect with loved ones or deter unwelcome visitors using the system’s built-in, two-way audio capability. The Home Security Essentials package offers a mobile-enabled system that can be controlled by the company’s smart home application. This package focuses more on security than home automation. It includes Alliance’s Firefighter sensors that connect all of your home’s smoke detectors to a professional, 24-hour security monitoring service. Dispatchers can immediately notify the fire department when alerted about a fire hazard. This feature can save lives and prevent extensive property damage.

Alliance realizes that its security systems can only help if they are operational. Typical 30-second alarm system delays allow intruders to destroy security system control panels right after forcing entry into a home. Thieves can then take their time ransacking the home. One Texas homeowner had this to say to news crews after coming home to a crash and smash burglary scene,

We were gone for 11 hours on a road trip and returned to find all this devastation

Alliance has designed its home security systems with crash and smash technology that alerts the monitored command center of potential destruction of installed security equipment.

Home Security Plus Comfort Package

The company’s mid-range home security package, Home Security Plus Comfort, contains all of the features of its base package as well as a few home automation elements. Customers, who have this package, get access to smart thermostat and LED lighting controls. These features can be activated and operated from anywhere. The benefits of these appliances are clear.

  • Personalized comfort
  • Better energy management
  • Greater cost savings

Smart Home Complete Package

Alliance’s top-of-the-line security package, Smart Home Complete, combines all of the features of the other plans with more convenient home automation attributes. This plan includes the control and monitor of smart power locks. With these, you can remotely lock doors that were inadvertently left unlocked. You can also unlock doors for trusted neighbors, family members, friends or delivery persons. These smart locks can be programmed to lock and unlock by a specialized code that can be changed at will. This feature is especially beneficial for property owners who rent out their homes through outfits like Airbnb and Vacation Rentals By Owner.

Alliance Smart Home Security Package Pros & Cons

Alliance Security delivers several customized smart home security packages that cater to different lifestyles. The company can provide these special plans through its extensive inventory of add-on security products and services such as panic buttons for medical emergencies, glass break detectors and severe weather alerts. Tailored plans cater to the following groups:

  • Senior citizens
  • Single parents
  • Suburban households

Another key Alliance Security advantage is its partnership with Monitronics, which is its Five Diamond certified monitoring service provider. The Five Diamond designation marks the company’s staff as some of the best in the industry. Alliance’s lengthy 36 to 60-month service contracts and add-on equipment fees are possible disadvantages of its smart home security packages.


Final Thoughts

While overzealous sales tactics by third-party, contracted telemarketers have recently caused legal troubles for the company, Alliance has many loyal and satisfied customers. The company’s popularity in this competitive field is the result of its ability to adapt its offerings to unique consumer needs using the latest technology and classic approaches to customer care. Need help identifying the smart home products that are right for your household? Contact Protect America for a free evaluation of your smart home security needs and more information about security plans and pricing.