Allied Fire and Security is a home security company that caters to the area of the Northwest. They have served homes and businesses in this region since 1948 and focus on home monitoring services and fire protection. Allied Fire and Security is a family owned and operated business that is heavily involved int he community. However, they have confusing conditions on their website that might mislead a potential customer. Additionally, their security monitoring is limited and more expensive than what you might find at a national home security company such as Protect America. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer…


Packages and Equipment

Allied Fire and Security is able to provide you with three different package options with emphasis on different aspects of security fit for different sized homes. Each package has a starter set of equipment to go with each system. Each package is expandable and gives you the option of adding additional equipment depending on how much you want to spend. The packages offered by Allied are the following:

  • Allied Connect
  • Allied Secure
  • Allied Secure Plus

The Allied Connect comes with wireless Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, while the Allied Secure and Allied Secure Plus packages lets you choose between a landline or a cellular enabled system. These different packages come with 3 door/window sensors or 2 door/window sensors, depending upon the system purchased. There was also an offer for a free upgrade with a fire sensor. However, in areas where cellular phone coverage was not available, it was difficult to get a clear answer from the website on coverage for if our home didn’t have a landline connection.

We would also like to see pay plans available for systems that cost less than $199. On the website, the advertised systems were for the “basic” service level. Each plan can be upgraded with additional sensors, but a complete listing of how this would impact the pricing was not included. Some other companies in the industry list the cost for additional door sensors, glass break sensors, etc. Additionally, we didn’t see any glass break sensors included in the basic plan. Some home security services, such as Protect America, provide this type of equipment for additional protection or as an alternative to motion-detectors in homes with large pets that might set them off!

Additionally, Protect America has 5 different packages to help protect your home. Our highest tiered package has 14 different door/window sensors, much more than you might expect from the Secure Plus package from Allied.


Pricing and Unclear Offers

Allied basic monitoring costs about $28 a month to protect your home. However, you can get the same offer for less with better equipment from Protect America for as low as $19.99 a month.

While Allied had some good points on their products and service, there were a few causes of concern. When a new customer visits the website, the website suggests that the purchase of the plan entails free monitoring. When you read the fine print, the customer is actually available for only one or two months of free monitoring, depending upon certain conditions, such as whether or not they set up auto pay for their account. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing a national home security company means choosing experience and stability. When looking to find peace of mind when it comes to your family, an alarm system can help make the difference to make your home feel secure. And we realize that importance of feeling safe. With over 20 years in the security industry, Protect America offers various security equipment pieces to customize your security system to your home and budget. With so many choices, equipment and services, deciding on the right home security company can be a tough decision. With an emphasis on our low price guarantee, no equipment fees, and lifetime replacement plan…our goal is to empower people and make it easy to choose the right decision for their home and family, whether that’s Protect America or not.