Since the purchase of Ring in January for $1 billion, Amazon has been making big moves into the popular world of home security. News has emerged from CNET that Amazon will launch a home security services for Alexa. So far, Amazon has already launched their home security in select areas. The service is compatible with the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot which allows customers to control the system with voice commands to their Alexa.



Amazon’s new home security service will start at $575 for the ‘Smart’ package and unlike other DIY security options, it includes professional installation. Similar to DIY however, it requires no fees. Amazon is offering five different security packages in select states that include different things; ranging from security focused options to those more focused on smart outdoor lighting. ‘The Smart’ package includes an Amazon Echo Dot, Ring Video Doorbell, Wink Hub 2, a motion sensor, a 105dB siren and 2 contact door and window sensors. For $840, the Smartest package includes everything in the ‘Smart package’, and extra smart lighting, water sensors and CO sensors.

Even with offering a new home security service, Amazon is planning on maintain Ring as a separate business, with a Ring spokesperson explaining they will “be able to achieve even more by partnering with an inventive, customer-centric company like Amazon. We look forward to being a part of the Amazon team as we work toward our vision for safer neighborhoods.”

How it works

With the service, a customer’s Alexa functions as a voice-activated alarm system. It can decipher whether a sound is something similar or if it is something more, like the house being broken into. If the owner is away, Alexa can simulate sounds to deter potential burglars like a dog barking. By purchasing a package, a certified Amazon expert will arrive at a customer’s home to consult them on their specific needs and how to install the product. The service does not offer professional monitoring, however.


Professional monitoring

While security systems that offer no fees have their appeal, no system will protect your home better than one under the watch of professional monitoring. Rather than having to self-monitor your system from your phone, a 24/7 team of professionals can offer the best security while you’re away. If you are interested in home security or finding a better home security option, contact Protect America today for an obligation-free quote. A monitored system, with an installation process that’s as easy as peal-and-stick, Protect America has been an industry leader for 25 years. Let the professionals ensure your security so you can ensure peace of mind.